Marshall’s Beach

A fastantastic location in San Francisco. Requires a little hiking, but totally worth it.

Part of a Series

One of many I’ve taken of the beautiful tigers at Oakland Zoo


I’m not sure you could craft clouds like this with a brush as well as this

Lonely Road

What no cars? Long exposure of the bridge at sunset.

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Big Sur

Just one of many spectacular views right off Highway 1 on the central coast.

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Fall Fog

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Drag It

Can get some beautiful beach images with a little shutter drag.

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Lone Rider

From the 16th & Mission BART station in San Francisco.

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It’s been awhile

I’ve been without my editing PC for some time due to some life changes. Happy to be back online and publishing photos. This is from a couple months ago. Time to get out shooting and editing again!

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Where is that kid and that dog? And why is my husband spending all his time fooling with that damned camera?

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