Nuts for Jericho

I obviously watch way more television than I should. For some reason these days I find that when I get home from a hard day’s work that I prefer passive entertainment to sitting down and writing my thoughts here. This should seem obvious to anyone who has noticed my posting frequency since I took my new job.

This season, I avidly watched Jericho on CBS. Jericho is a show about a post-apocalyptic society in a small town, called Jericho, in Kansas. Terrorists detonate nuclear bombs in most major cities across the US, and the inhabitants of Jericho must live with the effects of having a broken economy, lack of electricity, food, running water, and a total lack of information from the outside world (although in theory parts of the Internet would have still survived, although that’s I guess addressed by the lack of electricity). There are shortages of nearly everything needed to survive, including food and water, and to make matters worse, the neighboring town of New Bern is coveting what Jericho has and has declared war on Jericho to take large portions of the town away. This is where the season finale cliffhanger left us.

That is, that’s what we thought was the season finale. Apparantly CBS, in it’s infinite wisdom, decided that more reality TV and more cop drama were the answer to their ratings woes. They stuck Jericho up against American Idol, the number one show on television, and then blame the viewers for not tuning in when they decided to cancel the show. The die-hard fans, including myself, are fighting back by sending thousands of pounds of nuts to CBS headquarters (an inside reference to an integral part of the plot of the season finale). If you’ve watched the show, or even if you just care about having quality produced dramas rather than more reality TV drivel and cop dramas on prime-time television, please donate to the cause at the Nuts for Jericho site.