I’ve promised myself I’d write every day.  Obviously, driving to California for 3 days from Denver put a kink in that plan, but now that we’re here and with good Internet access it’s time to get back on the horse.

I’m incredibly happy to be here in California.  We’ve chosen to live in Concord, CA, at least for the time being.  This is pretty far away from Silicon Valley.  I haven’t met many people here yet, but I’m betting most don’t work in software.  I think, again, for now, that this is a good thing to help keep us grounded in this transition to a fairly foreign place.  I’m really enjoying the convenience of most things here relative to where we were at in Denver.  Overall, for the first two days, I’m incredibly pleased with the house, the community, the neighbors, and pretty much everything about the transition.  Once my stuff shows up, I’m sure that will make me all the happier.

I’m nervous about heading into the BART station tomorrow and parking.  For some reason, doing new things where I’m going to stand out as the obvious n00b always makes me nervous.  It always works out fine, but it’s also the reason why I hate driving in the city and I hate parking anywhere in the city.  In a week, I’ll be a pro, but for now I’m going to bed apprehensive about the fool I’m likely to make of myself while I try to figure out how to commute to San Francisco.

Time to Move

It’s kind of cool that this blog has covered me living in what will soon 4 different places.  I started this blog in 2004 when I was living in Redmond, WA.  At the time, I used that and a gallery located on my server to communicate back home to my parents and friends.  I had never lived away from home, and the blog at that time allowed me to communicate back home in a way that had never before been possible.  Of course, now I’m like an old fuddy-duddy, because blogs are old-school, and nobody’s reading blogs and RSS and is dead and yadda yadda yadda.  Who cares, this technology is still the best for long form publishing on the Internet, so I’m going to keep on writing, if not frequently.

In 2005 and into 2006 I was heavily involved, because of this blog, in the videoblogging community and through it, a startup called Mycelia Networks, which produced FireAnt.  That was my first introduction to the Bay Area startup community and the Bay Area in general.  I had wanted at that time to consider moving to the Bay Area,  at least, in my head I did, but I began to wax philosophical about days gone by and friendships abandoned back in Arkansas, as well as a pending adoption, so we headed back to Arkansas for a year’s respite from real professional life and continued the startup work there.  I figured I was starting two companies, one local, one remote, hedging my bets, and who cared where I worked at a startup from anyways.  One startup folded and didn’t really need me; I ran out of money, again; and off to Colorado we went.

Over five years later, and it’s time to leave.  I very much enjoyed my stay here.  I met a lot of interesting people, but I am sad that I’m leaving behind so few friendships.  Of all of you I know and respect from Colorado, it’s been awesome knowing you, and I’m very sorry we weren’t closer.  That’s my fault not yours, and I wish I had been more open to having better friendships while I was here.  It’s something I hope to correct in California.

And now, on to California.  I love the Bay Area.  I’m so excited to be coming.  I do, very much, plan for this to be the final move.  I have the Pacific to the West, Napa to the North, Yosemite to the East, and Disneyland to the South.  I have a pool in my backyard.  I have a job that is currently in contention for the best job I’ve ever had.  I’m not sure life can get much better, and with a few resolutions for our new life in my head off I go.  Thursday will see us riding into the sunset.  So long Colorado, it’s been great!  California, here we come.

I’ve been thinking about doing it for years, but today I’ve finally moved this from a custom WordPress instance on Dreamhost (run by Kirkham Systems for the last 5 years at no charge, thanks Tom!) to  Since I never updated my WordPress instance, I’m really surprised it hasn’t been rooted yet.  Since the last 3 or 4 postings here refer to my being more active with blogging, I won’t commit to writing more, although I think I’d really like to.

Time to start writing thoughts again

A couple of things have happened recently which has made it to where I believe it’s time to start writing thoughts, publicly, again.  First, I’m relatively certain people do not read this, at least regularly.  Secondly, even though I have advanced significantly in my career and I am now a very competent middle manager, I believe my entire happiness in my work life is suffering simply because we seem to defer to political correctness.  Making sure no one’s feelings are hurt rather than running an organization as a meritocracy where the best ideas win seems to be lay of the land, at least in American business these days.  I used to not be afraid of putting my thoughts out there, now I seem to be in constant fear that being liked is the most important aspect to career advancement.  I have decided that while I have come very very far in the last few years attempting to ensure that I am effective at change in a large organization due to being well liked and respected, I will no longer place being liked ahead of stating what I think will be in the best interest of our organization.  That does not mean I intended to go back to being a daft prick like I have been in former years, but I will be firm on my thoughts on the direction our organization should be taking.  I want these ideas to stand on their own, so this will be immediately followed by another post on being too customer centric.

Holy Shit, 1.5 Years since my last post!!

Holy shit.  That’s crazy.  Wonder if anyone still reads this thing.  It appears to have been hax0r’d as there’s some links on my blogroll I didn’t add.  This WordPress version is crazy old now too.

So, things are going great at work.  Since my last posting I’ve signifcantly advanced in my management track and have something like 20 people working for me (although that’s about to go down a bit).  I have lots of interesting commentary on IT Management, and I suppose I’ll probably refactor this blog to voice my opinions on IT Operations.  Dunno if anyone even cares about such things, but we have a number of challenges I don’t mind sharing wisdom with the Internets on.

More to come in a week or two while I figure out what to do about this hosting situation and get this thing refactored.