Fall Fog

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Happy to be back out shooting again. I was at Marshall Beach last night for what I expected to be a ho-hum sunset which turned out to be quite nice.

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It’s been awhile

I’ve been without my editing PC for some time due to some life changes. Happy to be back online and publishing photos. This is from a couple months ago. Time to get out shooting and editing again!

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Where is that kid and that dog? And why is my husband spending all his time fooling with that damned camera?

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Just Gotta Get Shootin’ Again

Lots going on at work and I feel either uninspired or just lazy, or both, and I haven’t been shooting much lately. I think I need a trip or something to get me back in the swing of creativity.

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Bridge to Nowhere

I just love the Berkeley Pier ruins. It provides an excellent foreground to an excellent view of the city.

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