Fall Fog

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Happy to be back out shooting again. I was at Marshall Beach last night for what I expected to be a ho-hum sunset which turned out to be quite nice.

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It’s been awhile

I’ve been without my editing PC for some time due to some life changes. Happy to be back online and publishing photos. This is from a couple months ago. Time to get out shooting and editing again!

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Where is that kid and that dog? And why is my husband spending all his time fooling with that damned camera?

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Just Gotta Get Shootin’ Again

Lots going on at work and I feel either uninspired or just lazy, or both, and I haven’t been shooting much lately. I think I need a trip or something to get me back in the swing of creativity.

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Bridge to Nowhere

I just love the Berkeley Pier ruins. It provides an excellent foreground to an excellent view of the city.

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Finally, some fog!

I got lucky a couple of weeks back and finally caught some early morning fog. I got up very early on a Friday on a hunch and made it over to the headlands. Saw Max there as well. Great morning. More and more I’m enjoying monochrome for my landscapes, and this fits well with my new penchant for B&W.

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My Only Fog Shot

I’ve been very unlucky this Fall. I’ve been out of town nearly every week or weekend day that had fog, and the ones that did I elected not to get up. I’ve had very bad luck. This one view from Fort Baker is the only decent shot I’ve gotten this season

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Selfy Sunday 1

I’ve not participated previously in Selfy Sunday, but there’s a first time for everything. #selfysunday

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