For some reason…

For some reason ANT for the Mac seems to lock up randomly depending on whats in my feed. Based on earlier research, changing just about anything about the feed corrects the problem, so I’m trying a test post to see if this corrects it.

Quickie Google Search Lays Out “Brothels”

So apparantly if you go to Google Maps and search for “brothel” and a zip code, you can find some really interesting results. For instance, looking for brothels in Redmond’s zip code (98052), returned no results here, but apparantly there’s quite a few in Seattle, like Varsity Theatre, Big Picture, the Triangle pub, and of course, the Swedish American and French American Chambers of Commerce. Yahoo has the story (of course) : Quickie Google Search Lays Out “Brothels” – Yahoo! News

Best Indie Movie of the Year

In the words of Kyle Brovlowsky, “I’ve learned something today. Film festivals shouldn’t be about what celebrities are going to show up. Film festivals should be about people getting together and watching movies and appreciating art. Film festivals should be about people having a chance getting their movies seen, if only once.” Well, it’s not an exact quote, but it’s close (it’s from the Chef’s Salty Balls episode). I have found the finest independent film of the year, available, on the Internet, for free. Ready?

It’s not for the easily offended. Also, it’s most definitely not SFW without headphones, so beware.

33 Feeds and Nothing’s On

So obviously if you’re reading this, I probably don’t have to expound upon the benefits of RSS. If you don’t know what RSS is, I suggest you read up on it and subscribe to an feed aggregator like Bloglines. That’s not really the point though. The point is, even though I’m consistently subscribing to more feeds, sometimes I’m still just finding myself with nothing to read. How depressing! All the stuff I read daily is over at the right on my blogroll, but as I sit here staring at Bloglines, nothing is in bold, meaning I have nothing to read. I’m obviously missing out on someone’s witty and insightful comments out there. Someone tell me what I should be reading but aren’t.