Love to eat here

From Rocky Point right off the Highway 1. There’s a restaurant with a great view here and this is from near the parking lot.

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Big Sur

Just one of many spectacular views right off Highway 1 on the central coast.

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Point Cabrillo Lighthouse in Mendecino County, CA.

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Traffic Killed the Sunset

Yesterday evening was shaping up to be a fantastic sunset, but when I got to Fort Baker, I didn’t have the view I was looking for. I headed back towards the bridge to go to Baker Beach, but there was a reck, I lost 20 minutes waiting to get on the bridge, and all the best light. I’ll take this as a consolation prize though. Beautiful evening at Fort Baker.via Flickr


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Stop and Stare

Even photographers sometimes just stop to take it all in.via Flickr

A Line in the Sea

From Berkeley Pier. Even in its current incarnation, it’s a very long pier. Makes for a cool forground as it mirrors the horizon and provides a nice leading line to the barely visible Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. This was a great sunset. Katie and I had a blast here. HDR handheld with my #x100s.via Flickr