Lonely Road

What no cars? Long exposure of the bridge at sunset.

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Above It All

Melanie and I went out last night to watch the sunset. She watched the sunset and looked at her phone and I snapped pictures continuously. It was a truly magical fog night to be up in Berkeley Hills.

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The Best

One of the best sunsets in recent memory. From Treasure Island in February.

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Everyday Camera

I carry the X100S with me everywhere. In this case, this was from November’s Drink & Click, but having a quality camera I can pack away and have at a moment’s notice has made it my favorite camera.

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Moon over the Bay

Opportune moment this morning when I looked over and saw the sliver of the moon rising up over the Bay Bridge from Slacker Ridge. Getting it centered was good luck as it only lasts for a minute or so.

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This was the first and only time I’ve been out to shoot the Bay Lights. Now that its getting dark earlier, I’m guessing I’ll get a few more shots from here as I walk home.

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Opportune Moments

I was very fortunate to be back at One Market today when we looked out the window to see fog streaming over the Bay Bridge. Its a rare moment and I feel lucky to have been in the right place at the right time to catch this from this perspective.via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/gTXCfp