Mike Arrington of TechCrunch gives FireAnt Directory the Thumbs Up

Mike gives the new FireAnt Directory the thumbs up, along with mentions for Blip.tv and MeFeedia.com. As the guy who’s spent the last 3 or 4 months slaving over that directory, I really appreciate the positive feedback. We’ve got so much more in the hopper for the directory that you’ll need to write another article just for all the cool social features we have coming up. Keep your eyes peeled, new stuff is coming every day!

Thanks Mike! A positive review coming from you means a lot.

A few funnies for today

This guy seems to find a lot of funny shit.

Music for donations

From Rick Segal’s Post Money Value:

Overhead at the Purple Pig (Ribs)

While listening to a TV news blurb about a benefit concert for New Orleans, a little girl (ten, maybe) turns to her parents and sez:

“How come they have to do music to get help, don’t people just want to help??

Waiter! Ice Cream for the kid and put it on my tab…

Fucking priceless. Leave your feedback on Rick’s original post.

Dave Matthews Not That Into Himself Anymore

The Onion has a faux interview with Dave Matthews, in which he says: “I used to be a hardcore Dave Matthews fan. I had all my records and posters. I was so blown away by everything I did—especially my live performances. I remember me and my buddies used to drive for hours just to go to one of our shows.” Awesome. I freaking love The Onion. via nancies.org.

The Neutron Bomb Inventor

I wonder sometimes why I subscribe to Boing Boing. I’ve rarely found anything on there that I’ve found interesting. In fact, I don’t believe I’ve ever even linked to them. I guess I’m being a lemming and following the inertia they’ve developed figuring that if I don’t subscribe I’ll miss something interesting. It turns out (even though it may not be worth it, since I’m sure someone else I read will link to this as well) that every once in a while they do produce a gem of content. Today they have an exclusive article, written by Charles Platt, a former Senior Writer at Wired, about Sam Cohen, the inventor of the Neutron Bomb. The Neutron Bomb is a term I’ve not really heard since my childhood, of which I have vague memories of people talking about the horror of the idea. Frankly, I always thought it was interesting, a bomb that would kill people but not destroy the infrastructure. It always seemed like a win/win for me, if we were going to be killing people in the first place. Sam Cohen fought his entire working life to convince people it was the most humane weapon possible, and, as is usually the case, his story, and the story of the bomb itself, is much more interesting and far more compelling than the memoirs and stories of any politician I’ve read. This is a must read. The Boing Boing story is here and the PDF containing the actual story is here.

Watching the wall

I’m in New York, gearing up for Vloggercue. We did our Vlog Soho event at the Soho Apple Store. Richard, everyone’s favorite Ph.D., has just made a choice comment. Funny and fun stuff going on here out in Hoboken.

Adam: Yeah, so we watch videos and stuff on our projector.

Richard: Projector? (turns around) Oh, so that like projects the image on the wall or whatever? I’ve never seen a setup like that before.

Adam: Yeah, we watch cable and play our Xbox and stuff. They’re all hooked up into the projector.

Richard: So you sit around and watch the wall?

Adam: Basically yeah.

Google Earth downloads stopped!

Does even Google have a limit to the amount of bandwidth and resources they can throw at things? They’ve halted new downloads for Google Earth. How disappointing. I really wanted to check it out so I could make a cool vlog intro like Josh Leo.

LBJ Invented the Internet

A post from Jeff Jarvis (if you don’t read him, start now), about how LBJ set the foundation for the Internet with the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967. The LBJ quote of his vision is uncanny, and we’ve pretty much built his vision.

Rumors are true: Apple moving to Intel

They’re true.

Apple to switch to Intel?

Apple to switch to Intel? This has been quite the speculation over the last couple of weeks, but the investment in PowerPC is so great I just can’t believe it’s true. I’m still calling BS on this. However, I would be excited about the cost and portability benefits Intel chips would bring, and also the potential for people to hack MacOS X to run on Non-Apple Intel hardware. That would be so awesome. I could finally get cheap hardware and a good OS.