Dave Matthews Not That Into Himself Anymore

The Onion has a faux interview with Dave Matthews, in which he says: “I used to be a hardcore Dave Matthews fan. I had all my records and posters. I was so blown away by everything I did—especially my live performances. I remember me and my buddies used to drive for hours just to go to one of our shows.” Awesome. I freaking love The Onion. via nancies.org.

Back from vacation

I’m back from vacation. I spent Friday-Monday at The Gorge watching the Dave Matthews Band. They put on an excellent show, and I thoroughly enjoyed all three nights, but Saturday was definitely the best show. Setlists are available at Nancies.org. I’m still catching up on things, so if you’ve sent me an email or there’s a blog post of yours I should have read or watch, hang on and I’ll be getting to it this week hopefully.