The Power of Seattle

God, I love living in the Greater Seattle area (don’t want to say I live there, lest the West-Siders pounce on me calling me a poser 🙂 ). I invited Phillip Torrone of MAKE Magazine out to the Meet The Vloggers event at the Apple Store on August 6th for an interview for Clint on Tech. While there, Matt & Pete from LeanBackVids and showed Ander’s Wonderful World video, which he made with Google Earth and data. It’s a great video, check it out. pt posted a link to this on the MAKE blog, and Scoble, via Daniel Nugent who obviously reads MAKE, posted a link to it on his blog. All this because of a simple email to pt asking if he’d like to show up. I love the fact I live in an area with so many successful new media players. Robert, I think you should be my next interview on “Clint on Tech.” Whatcha think, have some time in the next few weeks?

I’m hoping to stay in this area come the end of the year. However, right now the leading contender in the job market (the firmest thing coming) is in Denver. Anyone know what the blogging/vlogging community is like in Denver? Vlogging isn’t nearly as promising as it is here, but I’m a bit ignorant about the blogging community there. I’m not sure I’m in a position to start another company again, that seems like it would be better attempted in another 5 years or so, but I’d be happy to join an early age startup. I’m talking to a couple, but nothing’s firm yet. Anyone in Seattle looking for a New Media Guy & Technologist?


I love PubSub, Technorati, etc. I posted this less than two hours ago, and Robert’s already responded (check the comments). It’s better than email, really. I’m much more likely to respond to my name mentioned in my vanity feeds than my email, but that might be a volume thing.