Content. Of course!

I don’t spend enough time writing about other vlogs here. I’m starting a renewed effort today. You must see this entry on Ryanne’s vlog. Rock on. Content. Lets talk about it. Start a discussion today. Better yet, lets blog about it, revlog other people’s content. Lets start seeing other people’s content on your blog, or start a blog like Josh did (Josh’s Picks). Content is key, and we’re not going anywhere until we start showing people the best of what we can do. How do we determine the best? One way is better tools, but using the tools now the best way I can see is to use the knowledge of the community to come to a consensus about good content. Lets get people voting with links for what they like and voting with text in their emails for what they like. Lets just get people talking about it. If I don’t say it enough, you rock Ryanne (and I’ll give Jay a little credit too, but not too much 🙂 ).