I’m not sure you could craft clouds like this with a brush as well as this

Back to Mono Lake

We’re taking an anniversary trip in October to the Eastern Sierras. Excited to head back to Mono Lake, June Lake, etc, at a really great time of the year.

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Lucky Day

I haven’t gotten out to shoot much lately, but Friday I got an excellent opportunity to go out for a fantastic sunset.

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Road to Sydney

A quick stop on my hike across Sydney towards Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair a few months ago turned out to be the best image of the trip.

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Breaking Through

Beautiful evening at Rodeo Beach a few months ago. Mostly overcast, the sun just barely broke through the clouds.

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Oh the Sunsets

More clearing out of my Hawaii collection. I’m so looking forward to the sunsets next week.

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Creeping Karl

Summer fog is a different beast. It rarely allows you to stay and catch a sunset, at least on the west side of the bay. It’s also a fickle beast, as Larry and I watched the fog rolling in from Mt. Tam, we considered heading down to Rodeo Beach, thinking it might be a rare clear summer evening, but as we were thinking about it the fog suddenly shifted from receding to taking over most of Marin County. Got a lucky moon rise at sunset this evening, and I also got to meet a whole new set of IGers, which was a treat. What a great day to go out and shoot!

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Mono Lake Manipulation

Fun with Photoshop tonight.

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More Hawaii Sunsets

Heading back for vacation in July, can’t wait! This is from Maui, but this year we’re heading to Kaui.

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Lonely Road

What no cars? Long exposure of the bridge at sunset.

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