Just Chilllin’

This bird just sat here while I took a dozen pictures of it. Total rockstar.

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Welcome back Drink & Click!

About to head out to D&C SF. First time in months! I’m excited! This is a view we’re likely to see tonight, although without the sun :).

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Finally, some fog!

I got lucky a couple of weeks back and finally caught some early morning fog. I got up very early on a Friday on a hunch and made it over to the headlands. Saw Max there as well. Great morning. More and more I’m enjoying monochrome for my landscapes, and this fits well with my new penchant for B&W.

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Sometimes the shots you spend the least time preparing for are the best. Taken after sunrise as I was walking back to my hotel.

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Selfy Sunday 1

I’ve not participated previously in Selfy Sunday, but there’s a first time for everything. #selfysunday

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Lonely Beach

From several months ago at Kirby Cove. I’m working to clear my backlog of publishable photos. This was a brilliant morning in January. I’ve published sevearl things from that morning and still have more to go.

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