She was there, then she wasn’t. From Singapore.

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Light in the Dark

Telephoto shot of a single light out in the bay.

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Moon over the Bay

Opportune moment this morning when I looked over and saw the sliver of the moon rising up over the Bay Bridge from Slacker Ridge. Getting it centered was good luck as it only lasts for a minute or so.

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Melanie said this was "arty." I agree.

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This was the first and only time I’ve been out to shoot the Bay Lights. Now that its getting dark earlier, I’m guessing I’ll get a few more shots from here as I walk home.

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My Only Fog Shot

I’ve been very unlucky this Fall. I’ve been out of town nearly every week or weekend day that had fog, and the ones that did I elected not to get up. I’ve had very bad luck. This one view from Fort Baker is the only decent shot I’ve gotten this season

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Pie Bob’s Balcony

I got lucky and had a friend in Vegas with a suite view (pun intended). From the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.via Flickr

Back Catalog

Working through it slowly but surely. From January. This was the most brilliant sunset I’ve ever seen, although we’ve had some good ones the past month that I wasn’t able to get out and photograph.via Flickr

Show Me Your Lights

Everyone’s posting about the new span, but it wasn’t long ago that the Bay Lights were the new hotness. From March shortly after the new lights were lit.via Flickr