Sunset Reading

A stranger reads during a setting sun. From Lanuiopoko Beach Park in Maui, HI.

Big Island from Maui

From a helicopter tour of Maui

More Hawaii Sunsets

Heading back for vacation in July, can’t wait! This is from Maui, but this year we’re heading to Kaui.

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Sunset in a Maze

From Maui, looking out towards Lanai.

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Woman versus Sea

Melanie staring off into the sunset in Kapalua, Maui, HI.

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Black Sand

Maui isn’t all about the beautiful white sand beaches, there’s some really cool volcanic black sand beaches around the eastern side of the island. Hard to see, but in the background, there’s a beautiful small waterfall right on the coast as well.

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The Valley

Maui is known as the Valley island, I suppose because of what you see here. Nestled between two volcanic regions, the middle of the island looks lush and beautiful primarily because of irrigation brought in to enable sugar plantations. Taken from a helicopter tour of the island.

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Waimoku Falls

Beautiful two mile hike up to these falls in Haleakala National Park in Maui.

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