Traffic Killed the Sunset

Yesterday evening was shaping up to be a fantastic sunset, but when I got to Fort Baker, I didn’t have the view I was looking for. I headed back towards the bridge to go to Baker Beach, but there was a reck, I lost 20 minutes waiting to get on the bridge, and all the best light. I’ll take this as a consolation prize though. Beautiful evening at Fort Baker.via Flickr

Red Sea

I love the reflections of the bridge on the water. From the wayback file, December of last year. I need to go back to Fort Baker again, it’s been a while.via Flickr

Moonrise Trail

I distinctly remember this morning. I was on Treasure Island, hoping to catch the moonrise, photographing furiously around 3:30 AM when I hear my name shouted at me from behind. Scared the living shit out of me. Leave it to Max to see me way out in the underbrush taking pictures while he was walking by. I wasn’t expecting to see anyone that morning, so obviously was quite shocked to see him.via Flickr

Here’s hoping for fog

Looks like there was some decent fog over the bridge tonight. I’ll be up tomorrow morning to try to catch it again. #fogchasing

via Flickr


From last night at Rodeo Beach. I don’t normally get to pick when I shoot based on weather, I generally go based on a schedule of days that work for me and my family so therefore I have to make do with what weather I find. In this case, it was completley overcast, so had to work with that. I quite like the result. I plan to continue working more on B&W Long Exposure stuff as it always turns out so well.

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