Breaking Through

Beautiful evening at Rodeo Beach a few months ago. Mostly overcast, the sun just barely broke through the clouds.

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From Rodeo Beach in Marin County, CA.

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Black Sand

Maui isn’t all about the beautiful white sand beaches, there’s some really cool volcanic black sand beaches around the eastern side of the island. Hard to see, but in the background, there’s a beautiful small waterfall right on the coast as well.

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Happy to be back out shooting again. I was at Marshall Beach last night for what I expected to be a ho-hum sunset which turned out to be quite nice.

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First Times

I went to Lake Tahoe recently for the first time. It was amazing. I can’t believe how big it is and I dong’t think I’ve ever seen a clearer lake. I’m looking forward to coming back in the winter.

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Traffic Killed the Sunset

Yesterday evening was shaping up to be a fantastic sunset, but when I got to Fort Baker, I didn’t have the view I was looking for. I headed back towards the bridge to go to Baker Beach, but there was a reck, I lost 20 minutes waiting to get on the bridge, and all the best light. I’ll take this as a consolation prize though. Beautiful evening at Fort Baker.via Flickr

Lonely Beach

From several months ago at Kirby Cove. I’m working to clear my backlog of publishable photos. This was a brilliant morning in January. I’ve published sevearl things from that morning and still have more to go.

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