Verdi pissed me off tonight with his post to the Videoblogging Group. I love Michael; he’s a great guy who gives himself fully to the community, but his attitude towards people who are looking to make money off of vlogging really grates on my nerves sometimes. It’s not that these people aren’t misguided, a lot of them are very misguided. Most of them will never make a cent, but I don’t see the problem with entertaining them, assuming they’re being respectful, civil and otherwise good community members. Perhaps I’m way off base here. Anyways, since I was pissed off, I filmed this rant, which basically sums up my feelings on the money thing. I want to make a living off of this, in whatever way possible, so I can do what I love doing rather than hating my job. I think most people agree and would do the same, but for some reason I’ve been labeled ‘the money man.’ Anyways, let me know what you think, I’m sure everyone will have an opinion.

Clint on Tech: Episode 5, Interview with Phillip Torrone

At the August 6th Meet the Vloggers, Phillip Torrone graciously agreed to show up so I could interview him. My apologies for the audio quality, I forgot to grab my iPod and lavalier mic and the wind cut feature on my camera is doing weird things with the audio. We discussed a range of topics, and as always pt was entertaining and informative. Thanks so much to pt and MAKE Magazine for the interview. It’s a bit long, over 7 minutes, but trust me there wasn’t any more fat to cut.

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Watch Life Happen: Episode 3, Six Feet Under

*** WARNING *** Six Feet Under Spoiler in Video

This video was shot immediately after the most recent Six Feet Under aired. Six Feet Under is a television show that airs on HBO (for those not in the know). The show consistently produces the best Hollywood has to offer. I spend some time talking about our best and their best.

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Akimbo advertising for me

Check out the ad on the right side of pvrblog.com. Akimbo’s advertising for me! Awesome.

Clint on Tech: Episode 4, Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks

On my way back from New York, my wife and I were forced to stay overnight at a hotel room in Dallas. We had one Internet connection to share between us and two laptops. I setup a ad-hoc wireless network between the two computers to share the connection, and I thought it’d make a good subject for a Clint on Tech episode. Couple of things I’m trying different to improve the production value, so let me know what you think. First, I’ve purchased some additional lighting. I’m still trying to learn how to place this stuff in such a small room. Secondly, this is my first hybrid of a screencast and vlog entry, which I think worked out really well. Let me know what you think.

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Watch Life Happen: Episode 2, Part 3, The Journey Home

The third installment in this three part episode. Enjoy.

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Watch Life Happen: Episode 2, Part 2, Vloggercue

Second installment of Watch Life Happen, with Clint & Mel, Episode 2. This is footage from Vloggercue in Hoboken, NJ at Adam Quirk’s apartment. It was an excellent event, and much food, fun, and beer was had by all!

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