Wrapping up the year

Primarily due to laziness, but also some practical limitations in where it’s easy to edit and publish photos, I haven’t been publishing much this year. Secondly, and more importantly, I haven’t been shooting much either. I’m going to try to change that in the new year, and I’ve set a goal to participate in one of the many 52 weeks Photo projects that are out there. I find that, like with anything in my life, I can accomplish goals when I have them, but activities without goals languish. Thusly, a goal for next year. So, ending the new year with a shot from Hanalei Bay in Kauai, Hawaii. I’d very much like to visit this spot again someday.

via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/CzS6Uk

Back to Mono Lake

We’re taking an anniversary trip in October to the Eastern Sierras. Excited to head back to Mono Lake, June Lake, etc, at a really great time of the year.

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Lucky Day

I haven’t gotten out to shoot much lately, but Friday I got an excellent opportunity to go out for a fantastic sunset.

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Road to Sydney

A quick stop on my hike across Sydney towards Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair a few months ago turned out to be the best image of the trip.

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Back Porch

Quick shot from my back porch in Kauai.

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Breaking Through

Beautiful evening at Rodeo Beach a few months ago. Mostly overcast, the sun just barely broke through the clouds.

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Oh the Sunsets

More clearing out of my Hawaii collection. I’m so looking forward to the sunsets next week.

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Bamboo Forest

I’m heading back to Hawaii in a couple of weeks, so I really need to clear out my backlog of Hawaii photos from last year. We’re not going to Maui again this year, which is a shame because this is a beautiful bamboo forest. I’m sure Kauai will hold destinations just as magical.

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Creeping Karl

Summer fog is a different beast. It rarely allows you to stay and catch a sunset, at least on the west side of the bay. It’s also a fickle beast, as Larry and I watched the fog rolling in from Mt. Tam, we considered heading down to Rodeo Beach, thinking it might be a rare clear summer evening, but as we were thinking about it the fog suddenly shifted from receding to taking over most of Marin County. Got a lucky moon rise at sunset this evening, and I also got to meet a whole new set of IGers, which was a treat. What a great day to go out and shoot!

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I’m going back to the Oakland Zoo tomorrow with friends and I’ll probably get a few more snaps for my B&W Tiger series.

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