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Back from vacation

I’m back from vacation. I spent Friday-Monday at The Gorge watching the Dave Matthews Band. They put on an excellent show, and I thoroughly enjoyed all three nights, but Saturday was definitely the best show. Setlists are available at I’m still catching up on things, so if you’ve sent me an email or there’s a blog post of yours I should have read or watch, hang on and I’ll be getting to it this week hopefully.

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How do people live here? It’s oppressively hot in the summer. The whole area outside Miami is all sprawl. Nothing much taller than a story. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent so long driving when I wasn’t stuck in traffic.

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Wrong Day

I left for the airport last night about 10:30 PM, and arrived there right on time at 11:00 PM for my flight at midnight. I walk up to the self-service check-in kiosk, swipe my credit card, nothing. I get out my AAdvantage Platium card, swipe it, finds it. It won’t let me check in. Weird. Then I notice why. Apparantly my flight was booked for 8/1, not 7/31. Whoops. I guess I’ll be a day late getting to Miami. Word of advice, double check your reservations before you click the confirm button :). Of course, my same bitch still holds true. They were overbooked by 4 on the first flight and 6 on the second flight, so there was no way to even get there early on stand-by. What is it with airlines having no excess capacity anywhere in their networks these days? Sucks to be a frequently flyer when things go wrong and there’s no seats available.

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  • Very thorough listing of port numbers. Standard /etc/services style layout, but much more thorough than anything I”ve seen.
    (tags: ip ports)

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