Almost done…

Truck arrived today. Brent and my mother came by to help, but in reality it turns out we didn’t need a whole lot. We unloaded the trailer in 2.5 hours with just Bob, Vicki, Melanie, my mother and myself. Pretty impressive. Now it’s just time to sift through all the boxes. At least I’ve gotten the iMac out and setup (Brent saw to that 🙂 ). One of these days I’ll find the time to write a real blog entry as well. Maybe some video too. Stay tuned, it’s coming.

We’re here

Only 30 minutes late. Everything went great. It’s amazing, I couldn’t have asked for a better move.

Updates on the Move

My wife is doing a good job updating everyone on the move. Check out her posts here, here and here.

The Trailer is Here

Time to start loading, the trailer is outside. Little close to some of the cars, but if people are pissed I guess they’ll just have to deal with it.


Whirlpool to lay off 730 employees from its Fort Smith plant. Ouch. It’s really time we start really attracting more large employers to the city to help soften the burden when someone like Whirlpool or Beverly decide to do a large layoff.

File this under dumbass

Fort Smith City Administrator Bill Harding stopped twice for driving while intoxicated. The first time, he hit a parked car, twice and then drove around an off-duty police officer attempting to stop him.

This is exactly why Fort Smith’s form of city administration sucks. If this were the mayor, he’d have been lynched by now, but he’s just an employee. Hopefully the system will prove its worth and fire his ass, after all that’s the only advantage our form has over an elected head-executive.

In Memoriam

Rest in Peace Edward MacManus, who passed on November 12th, 2005. I read his grandson’s blog, and his story of redemption and resolution with his grandfather has really captured my interest. I came across him originally because of my Technorati feed on a search for “Fort Smith”, where his grandparents live and where he grew up. I’m not usually one to read personal blogs, but he’s an excellent writer. If you’re interested in a guy in his mid 20’s who’s stumbling through life the best way he knows how, and has no shame in telling you the ways in which he’s fucked up, I highly recommend his blog.

I’m sorry for your loss Declan, and I wish you the best over the holidays.