Project 52 B&W Week 3: Frozen #P52BW13 | +Project 52 B&W  Curated by +Tisha Craw , +Gene Bowker , +David…

Project 52 B&WWeek 3: Frozen#P52BW13 | +Project 52 B&W Curated by +Tisha Craw , +Gene Bowker , +David BowdenI'm woefully behind this week.  Not only that, but I just could not think of something to match a "Frozen" theme, so I improvised and did a sort of "Frozen in Time" theme.  Random traffic driving by on my way to another shoot.  I'm not especially happy with it, but I didn't want to wait any longer to come up with any ideas.  Should be on time this week.

2 Comments on “Project 52 B&W Week 3: Frozen #P52BW13 | +Project 52 B&W  Curated by +Tisha Craw , +Gene Bowker , +David…”

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