I’ve promised myself I’d write every day.  Obviously, driving to California for 3 days from Denver put a kink in that plan, but now that we’re here and with good Internet access it’s time to get back on the horse.

I’m incredibly happy to be here in California.  We’ve chosen to live in Concord, CA, at least for the time being.  This is pretty far away from Silicon Valley.  I haven’t met many people here yet, but I’m betting most don’t work in software.  I think, again, for now, that this is a good thing to help keep us grounded in this transition to a fairly foreign place.  I’m really enjoying the convenience of most things here relative to where we were at in Denver.  Overall, for the first two days, I’m incredibly pleased with the house, the community, the neighbors, and pretty much everything about the transition.  Once my stuff shows up, I’m sure that will make me all the happier.

I’m nervous about heading into the BART station tomorrow and parking.  For some reason, doing new things where I’m going to stand out as the obvious n00b always makes me nervous.  It always works out fine, but it’s also the reason why I hate driving in the city and I hate parking anywhere in the city.  In a week, I’ll be a pro, but for now I’m going to bed apprehensive about the fool I’m likely to make of myself while I try to figure out how to commute to San Francisco.

2 Comments on “California”

  1. Ram says:

    All the best for your adventure ride today Clint.. 🙂

  2. piebob says:

    welcome to town 🙂

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