Why I write here instead of there

I often consider moving what limited writing I do today over to other services (Tumblr, Posterus (which just sold), etc), but I don’t.  I’ve not given it much thought, other than I have this nagging fear that Dave Winer has articulated well in his last post:

Further, I am creating an archive of my writing, over many years. And if I scatter my writing all over the place, even if these services were part of the web, it would be against my interest to do that. Having it all in one place is value, to me at least.

Right now I’m using wordpress.com to publish the site, but up until about 6 months ago it was on my own servers.  That’s merely for convenience.  Wordpress gives me the opportunity to easily export everything from this site and import it into a site I’m hosting myself.  I really believe in Dave’s effort to get people to run their own servers, and at some point I’d like to contribute.  I’m just not a fan of his software stack or development environment (or Matt’s for that matter, the development environment not necessarily the software).  Maybe I should write my own, but just don’t have the time right now.

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