No Netflix? No problem!

At work, they block Netflix streaming for obvious reasons.  However, they don’t block outbound TCP connections on every port, which is the only way you can stop me from looking at what I want.  I have a Linode VPS that I use for a screen’d copy of irssi which connects to Undernet and bitlbee for IM (I’ll do a post on that sometime).  I have a script that keeps that connection nailed up that looks like:

until ssh -t -o "ServerAliveInterval 1" -o "ServerAliveCountMax 5" -D 1080 -R 8000:localhost:8000 screen -x;  do
    echo "Server 'ssh' crashed with exit code $?. Respawning.." >&2
    sleep 1

Basically, that little shell script makes sure SSH stays nailed up and connected to my VPS, port forwards port 8000 to localhost for my web development stuff I play around with, and today I added -D 1080 which creates a SOCKS5 Proxy on port 1080 that will tunnel through SSH turning


I use FoxyProxy in Firefox to automatically tunnel Netflix through the SOCKS proxy.  I could set it up in Chrome which is my primary browser, but this way I don’t have to turn the Proxy on and off between home and work.  I rarely have time to watch anything at work, but at least now I can.


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