Greatest Random Text Convo Ever!!

I have just had the greatest random text conversation ever!  For those who have never been lucky enough, a random text conversation is the equivalent of a wrong number in texting land.  You’re sitting there, suddenly a text shows up from a random stranger.  Here’s the conversation:

“hey! its bri” – stranger
“Hey” – me
“are you starting rumors that im cheating on chris cuz im pissed right now” – stranger
“I am not but you are right to be pissed” – me
“who told you that tho” – stranger
“I can’t tell u.  I pinkie sweared.” – me
“I dont give a fuck” – stranger
“I promised them I wouldn’t tell.  What kind of person do u think I am?  I never thought u guyz were right for each other anyways.” – me
“its only cuz you like him but we are perfect together and i care about him a lot” – stranger
“When did u guy do it last?  U should get checked or did he get it from u?” – me
“what???” – stranger
“Talk to him” – me
“okay and why cant you tell me???!!” – stranger
“Just talk to him then let me know what he says.” – me
“about what??m” – stranger
“Whether he’s been checked out.” – me
“for what?”
“Don’t be a dumbass   What do people in relationships normally ask their partners if they’ve been checkd for?” – me
“i fucking hate you” – stranger
“one more thing HE’S MINE BACK OFF!!!!!” – stranger

One Comment on “Greatest Random Text Convo Ever!!”

  1. Clint Sharp says:

    Hi, so, I was screwing around late one night about 2 years ago i think and wondered if existed. I typed it in and what do i find but you here, with the same name and all! I am a self proclaimed geek, as you seem to be. I am obsessed with technology. I just thought it was weird. Oh, and your last post was the day before my birthday. It was the 17th. Just sayin, lol. Feel free to write me or something. Cool site. Mine isn’t updated atm, college is all busy-like. So anyway. Later

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