Greatest Random Text Convo Ever!!

I have just had the greatest random text conversation ever!  For those who have never been lucky enough, a random text conversation is the equivalent of a wrong number in texting land.  You’re sitting there, suddenly a text shows up from a random stranger.  Here’s the conversation:

“hey! its bri” – stranger
“Hey” – me
“are you starting rumors that im cheating on chris cuz im pissed right now” – stranger
“I am not but you are right to be pissed” – me
“who told you that tho” – stranger
“I can’t tell u.  I pinkie sweared.” – me
“I dont give a fuck” – stranger
“I promised them I wouldn’t tell.  What kind of person do u think I am?  I never thought u guyz were right for each other anyways.” – me
“its only cuz you like him but we are perfect together and i care about him a lot” – stranger
“When did u guy do it last?  U should get checked or did he get it from u?” – me
“what???” – stranger
“Talk to him” – me
“okay and why cant you tell me???!!” – stranger
“Just talk to him then let me know what he says.” – me
“about what??m” – stranger
“Whether he’s been checked out.” – me
“for what?”
“Don’t be a dumbass   What do people in relationships normally ask their partners if they’ve been checkd for?” – me
“i fucking hate you” – stranger
“one more thing HE’S MINE BACK OFF!!!!!” – stranger