Holy Shit, 1.5 Years since my last post!!

Holy shit.  That’s crazy.  Wonder if anyone still reads this thing.  It appears to have been hax0r’d as there’s some links on my blogroll I didn’t add.  This WordPress version is crazy old now too.

So, things are going great at work.  Since my last posting I’ve signifcantly advanced in my management track and have something like 20 people working for me (although that’s about to go down a bit).  I have lots of interesting commentary on IT Management, and I suppose I’ll probably refactor this blog to voice my opinions on IT Operations.  Dunno if anyone even cares about such things, but we have a number of challenges I don’t mind sharing wisdom with the Internets on.

More to come in a week or two while I figure out what to do about this hosting situation and get this thing refactored.