Watch Life Happen: Episode 9, Band Practice

I’m making no claims as to our talent (actually, I’ll vouch for the other members of the band, they’re all talented 🙂 ), however, here is one of our originals. Please try not to be too brutal in your comments, thanks :).

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Update: I’m having problems embedding the video. You can watch it here

2 Comments on “Watch Life Happen: Episode 9, Band Practice”

  1. Doug Bradley says:

    Hey Clint and Mel, I’m baaaaaakkkkkk. I’ve been away from video blogging for a while but hope to get back in the groove. About your video… all I can say is …. Freeeeeeeeeeeeebirrrrrrrrddd!

  2. quirk says:

    Cut your hair you hippy.
    There’s nothing better than some basement rocking.
    God I miss it.
    I didn’t notice any 40s. That was a prerequisite in our band. One 40 of Olde English per practice.

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