Yes, it should be legal

Good post from Mark Cuban about the hypocrisy involved in having partially legalized gambling like we have in this country. Why is it legal some places and not others? Beats me. I ask the same question about why marijuana is illegal. More ramifications of a country founded by Puritans, and the case of marijuana, laws passed by racists (yes, I’m serious, look it up).

2 Comments on “Yes, it should be legal”

  1. Jerry says:

    Welcome to our form of federalism. The states have always been laboratories for policy, particularly in the area of medicine and the exercise of police powers.

    More than that, I don’t believe that is quite right to broadly claim that the Puritans are to blame for current policies on gambling. For that matter, I don’t believe casting the blame on any conservative group comprising the founding generations is appropriate either. Certainly, the New England area was originally populated by Puritans and a host of other groups, but the north eastern colonies also began with Londoners, perhaps some of the cosmopolitan people of the age. Moreover, the South was populated by large groups of folk from the wild border regions between England and Scotland, as well as a host of other regional and cultural groups. My point I guess is this, the colonies were not populated by Puritans alone. They were important certainly, but the founding generations were heterogeneous. Even up to and including the 1787 accords that lead to the formation of the United States, the governmental and social systems of many of the colonies were wildly disparate.

    As for regulation of marijuana as racist in origin, you may have something there. But again, I believe your position is too broad–and, yes, I have looked it up. Alas, that is a discussion for another day. I enjoy reading your blogs, so keep them coming!

  2. Yeah I agree with you about the marijuana issue as it is a harmless substance, but I disagree with the gambling issue. I think gambling should be illegal everywhere. It’s far from harmless and adds no value at all to the economy (which is the argument that is often used to legalize it). It’s a horrible pox on society.

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