Bill Proposed to End ISP Traffic Hijacking

This is a must read from the NY Times.  If you were unaware, Verizon, AT&T, and others have proposed implementing quality of service on their networks which they would then sell to companies to have preferential treatment in the case of bottlenecks and also I presume express forwarding (lower latency).  What this means is that they would be able to put their own traffic (read IPTV) at higher priorities than say a Google or Yahoo IPTV product.  This concept has been in use on private IP networks for years, however, the idea was that when it was to be implemented on the public Internet, that everyone would have a fair chance at utilitizing higher priority traffic, rather than allowing the large ISPs to put it up for bid and hold it for ransom.  These companies already have the potential to put third party players like Vonage out of business when they’re in direct competition with them by blocking ports or subversively lowering QoS priorities on those packets without telling anyone.  It’s a dangerous time for the open Internet.  Everyone needs to be writing their representatives about this in support of this bill.

One Comment on “Bill Proposed to End ISP Traffic Hijacking”

  1. Similar thing has been happening in Poland for as long as I can remember. National operator (TPSA – Telekomunikacja Polska SA), owner of 90+% of land lines and optical networks in Poland is putting smaller ISPs out of business – by charging them way too much for each Mbit of traffic exchange (no matter which way more traffic goes). And there is nothing smaller ISPs can do – they have to pay. The only player to fight back with TPSA is Pol34 (a consortium of educational institutions with its own fiber-optic cable, similar to Internet2 in US). They didn’t agree with rules set up by TPSA so they have blocked 100% traffic coming from them. And now (and it’s been about 1,5-2 years already) all traffic exchange between pol34 and TPSA is happening abroad.

    Yes, all monopolies must be squashed until they bleed or else they do everything in their power to make as much proffit as possible (including as much of unfair competition practices as possible).

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