Web 2.0 Marketing

Tom has a good post over on his personal blog about marketing in the Web 2.0 age. Something we’re finding a lot of people are missing, especially in Arkansas, is how to integrate their web presence into their existing marketing strategies.

It’s especially fascinating to be bringing the web to people,especially skipping the last 10 years of the Internet, and trying to bring them up to what people are calling Web 2.0. People, even in Arkansas, are either going to get that the Internet is changing everything about the way they do business, from marketing to customer interaction, or go out of business. Tom’s a leading mind in this area, IMHO, right up with the best of them.

2 Comments on “Web 2.0 Marketing”

  1. Hi Clint,

    You make excellent points here. My marketing agency recently relocated from Portland, Oregon to Naples, Florida. I find that from a marketing perspective folks in Naples and throughout SW Florida are about five years behind the time technologically. Many of them don’t have websites, or their websites are still extremely basic html type sites.

    It has been challenging to educate local businesses about the importance/value/benefits of web 2.0, let alone get them excited about the emerging possibilities of web 3.0.

    Who is Tom? I would love to check out his website and read his perspective on integration web 2.0 into a total marketing and branding campaign.

    Monique Danielle

  2. Mkie Redman says:

    Tom Kirkham at Kirkham networking? I find him being interesting hard to believe. What are you doing? Blowing him for bucks?

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