File this under dumbass

Fort Smith City Administrator Bill Harding stopped twice for driving while intoxicated. The first time, he hit a parked car, twice and then drove around an off-duty police officer attempting to stop him.

This is exactly why Fort Smith’s form of city administration sucks. If this were the mayor, he’d have been lynched by now, but he’s just an employee. Hopefully the system will prove its worth and fire his ass, after all that’s the only advantage our form has over an elected head-executive.

One Comment on “File this under dumbass”

  1. Jacki Sauter says:

    Fire his ass theydid. He paid dearly as well. He lost his job, his standing in the community, his reputation, his family and finally his life. Yes, Mr. Harding was found dead at his home July 7 2007. Are you satisified? Perhaps Fort Smith will no longer “suck” as you so eloquently put it. You should do some research on Mr.Harding and all he acomplished for our city. His personal struggles are just that…personal. I never had the priviledge to met him but am blessed enough to have seen first hand one of his greatest acomplishments. She is smart, beautiful, intelligent, kind and one of the “neatness” young women I know. She is one of his children Mr. Sharp and “the system” certainly proved it’s worth to her. Dumbass??? Perhaps you should look in the mirror my friend.

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