Finally Found It!

I’ve been searching for this for a year and a half.  My laptop runs like shit.  I’ve always meant to come back around and find out exactly what’s wrong with it.  It’s not incredibly high CPU usage, it’s not swapping, it’s not disk I/O.  But, I went and grabbed Process Explorer from SysInternals today and I see that when I’m docked, and I have a USB mouse plugged in, my Hardware Interrupts go through the roof and the DPCs (deferred procedure calls) take up 30-40% of my CPU.  This is obviously not right.  I’ve updated everything I can think of from Dell’s website and still I’m having the same problem.  I’m now installing Service Pack 2 to see if that helps, but I’m going to be fucking ecstatic when I can finally dump this piece of shit Dell laptop for one I buy and setup myself.  I will have no problem saying goodbye and good riddance to Cingular’s corporate IT and their insistance on buying poor hardware and loading it up with crappy software that kills the performance on my PC.

Update: For anyone who happens to come across this later via a search engine, Windows XP SP2 fixed the problems I was having with a USB mouse plugged into the Dock USB controller causing 30-40% processor usage via the “Deferred Procedure Calls” or DPCs.


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