Something is up with FeedBurner’s stats

I’m not a huge stats hound, in fact I only check them once a month.  However, imagine my surprise when I logged into my FeedBurner account and saw my subscribers drop from over 100 to around 24.  Something is seriously fucked up.  I know some of the guys over there, like Rick Klau who I met at Gnomedex, perhaps I should email them.  I have over 21 subscribers in Bloglines alone which are currently being shown as 1 subscriber in my Readership stats.  Seems to have happened on October 20th.  Oh well, I know you’re still reading.

2 Comments on “Something is up with FeedBurner’s stats”

  1. Rick Klau says:

    Hey Clint –

    Why e-mail when Technorati does such a good job letting us know when you talk about us? 😉

    I’m not aware of any issues specifically with Bloglines, but Yahoo has definitely got an ongoing bug that’s under-reporting their circulation numbers. They’re aware of it and working on it, though it may be another week or so before things get ironed out. Re: Bloglines, it’s possible they’ve stopped polling your feed – which they do from time to time, and an e-mail to their support will usually fix things. Check your feed in Bloglines – if newer posts aren’t showing up, that’s your issue… and if they’re not polling, that’s why we’re not seeing them on your feed stats.

    Hope this info helps. Hope you’re doing well!



    Rick Klau
    VP, Business Development
    FeedBurner –
    AIM/Y!/Skype: RickKlau
    office: 312.756.0022 x2012
    direct: 312.239-0727
    cell: 630.362.8911

  2. BTW, I think part of the issue is Feedburner seems to be displaying your number of subscribers based wholey on the basis of daily hits to a feed. I know I don’t check my vlogs daily but every couple of days. This means that subscriptions may be as much as 2 to 3 times what feedburner reports.

    BTW, wholy cow, Rick posted his cell and all his direct contact info. He might want to have that removed. That’s a magnet for telemarketers and spammers. He should be more careful.

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