Faster blogging ahead

I’m back from California, which of course i neglected to post to the blog to begin with.  We‘re really kicking ass now.  I didn’t really get to see much of the Bay Area, but it looks like I could be living there part-time in the next few months.  We had some really great meetings while down there.  I can’t wait until I can announce what came out of them.  Stay tuned. 

I really wanted a chance to hook up with Schlomo and Eric Rice, but there was no time.  Sorry guys, maybe next time.

Something is up with FeedBurner’s stats

I’m not a huge stats hound, in fact I only check them once a month.  However, imagine my surprise when I logged into my FeedBurner account and saw my subscribers drop from over 100 to around 24.  Something is seriously fucked up.  I know some of the guys over there, like Rick Klau who I met at Gnomedex, perhaps I should email them.  I have over 21 subscribers in Bloglines alone which are currently being shown as 1 subscriber in my Readership stats.  Seems to have happened on October 20th.  Oh well, I know you’re still reading.