Redwood Virtual Sucks Again

Redwood Virtual (the host I use for my email virtual server) is down again. These guys suck. I hear they live in Seattle. If I was ever able to contact a person there, I’d find out their names so I could personally drive over there and beat the shit out of them. Absolutely no excuse to run a business this way. I hope they die and rot in hell. If you’ve tried to email me today, sorry. In the mean time I’m checking my gmail account (… I don’t do spam obfuscation, if they want my email they probably already have it). I’ve gotta get my shit moved somewhere else.

One Comment on “Redwood Virtual Sucks Again”

  1. t4 says:

    RWV sucks alright. Since my LVM doesnt start properly when they reboot, I’ll probably have a 48 hour outage waiting for them to reply to my email. I use Linode as my primary and RWV to handle excess server load and as a backup. Linode is world class, fast, great support and value. I just need a decent backup provider. This outage is the last straw – RWV has got to go.

    I have forgotten how to get to the console page that allows an LVM to be restarted and they dont publish the link and google can’t find it. Anyone happen to know how to reach that page?

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