Watch Life Happen, Episode 5: The Update

It’s been almost two months since my last video. Here’s an update about what’s going on. More video to come shortly, hopefully, as soon as I find some time.

Click here for video. [ QuickTime ]

6 Comments on “Watch Life Happen, Episode 5: The Update”

  1. Dooser says:

    Adopting. It’d be such a difficult decision for me. I’m glad that you’re adopting. You’d be good parents. Adopting seems to be such an awesome thing. In my mind, it’s like a community service in some cases. A child has no permanent parents. And someone volunteers to be that for that child. It’s not that I wouldn’t want to adopt, it’d just be very hard idea becuase I’ve only been close with one family who has adopted. It’s new and unknown to me. I guess that’s what you get for being young.

  2. Levois says:

    Thanks for the update. 🙂

  3. adam says:

    Wow, congrats on the adoption news. Hope it all works out for you.
    Clint, Father Tech.

    Good news on the FireANT front too…kick that directory’s ass.
    It’s really the one gaping hole in the vlogoshpere, a well-done directory.

  4. richard says:

    Wow … this is all very cool … we can start an ozarks blogger organization … it will be exciting to be within a few hour drive of the Mel and Clint Show! …

  5. Really interested in the directory for the FireANT program…
    can’t wait to see it!

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