Two perspectives on Intelligent Design

University of Arkansas, Fort Smith had a recent lecture on Intelligent Design. Delagar, a blogger I quite like, represents his perspective on the meeting here, and KFSM, which I think is a fairly poor excuse for a news organization and always has been, represents their perspective here. Notice the spin on both. Very interesting any time you can see documentation of two perspectives of the same event, especially something as controversial as ID. As far as my opinion, rebranding Creationism as Intelligent Design and then starting the same old argument all over again, is just arguing. Unless we want to tell the story of all the creation myths in our schools (some of which are pretty damn cool), I’d say lets leave the creation stories to evolution and the scientists.

One Comment on “Two perspectives on Intelligent Design”

  1. adam says:

    My favorite one involves a hawk carrying a turtle to the top of a mountain. I can’t remember why it did that, or how that caused us to exist. You’re right though, there are some pretty great stories. The Bible version is pretty boring really, compared to the Asian and South American stuff.

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