Blog War!

I love Politics. It gets people so riled up, myself included. To give you an update, since this has been transpiring in the comments sections of our blogs, Sarah wrote a post, which basically asks, if you were a photographer and George W. Bush was drowning, would you take a Pulitzer winning photograph or save the man. I left this comment on her blog:

Sadly, in a situation like this, anyone who would look at anyone as anything other than a human being is no one I’d want to be associated with, I suppose yourself included. However, this “Moral Question” is total crap to begin with, and either if you wrote it yourself or are simply passing it along makes me wonder why anyone would bother to read your ramblings.

I thought it was pretty appropriate. Obviously, I pissed her off, because she left this comment:

Judging from your comment on my blog, you must be a republican. (There’s a warning in my profile that you won’t like what you read if you’re a republican, btw)–so why didn’t you just heed the warning and pass it by? I know how repugs don’t like to read anything that doesn’t agree with their own skewed view of the world.

You say I’m a horrible person for “not treating people like human beings”. Are you KIDDING me?! Do you REALLY think George W. Chimp treats the average Americans as a human being? Give me a break! Georgie doesn’t even KNOW any poor people–he’d have to PAY some poor guy to come visit or talk to him just so he could say he KNEW a poor person.

Georgie-Boy didn’t give a rat’s behind about all those poor folks trapped in New Orleans. It took him FOUR DAYS to even get off his couch in Crawford and reluctantly schlep back to Washington.

That being said, why do you think our Chimp-in-Chief should be treated any better or with any more respect than he treats the average middle class or poor American?

Firstly, she assumes I’m a Republican. I tend to vote Republican in a lot of positions, but I’m a swing voter. I would have voted for Kerry had I have bothered to register to vote in State of Washington. Secondly, what is up with people and their hatred for and assumptions about someone they don’t know? It can’t possibly be healthy to hold that much resentment for someone to where you spend the majority of your waking life filled with hate and spite for someone who merely holds a political office. I wonder about these people, especially the political bloggers, because they are consumed by their politics. I don’t even think the politicians are as consumed by their politics as these people.

Now, the humorous thing about this is that Sarah is obviously a Democrat, and immediately, with no prompting from me, you can see her attempt to steer the debate to Bush being ignorant of the problem of poverty in the US. Nice diversion, but I’m not falling for it. Hell, I totally agree that Bush has a terrible track record on addressing poverty. However, this firstly wasn’t about Bush, it was about Sarah, and secondly it certainly wasn’t about poverty. My comments were merely about that I felt the question was incredibly crass and stupid to begin with, irregardless of the politics. If I saw Adolf Hitler drowning I’d attempt to save him (besides the fact that it’s nearly impossible to recognize a drowning man), because no matter what a man has done in his lifetime, he deserves the same amout of respect in an emergency as anyone else. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use caution, since there’s no way of telling how much respect they’ll give you.

To Sarah: again, this wasn’t about politics. I happily read perspectives from both sides of the aisle daily. I enjoy good writing and healthy debate. Zealots are of no interest to me. If you’re unable to see why I felt your “Moral Question” post was both inane and inhumane, if you can only see the world in red and blue, if everything is about your political affiliation and nothing is about actual people, caring and human decency, then there’s really not much else to talk about. If you’ve lost your ability to empathize with a drowning man, no matter the man, and extend out your hand to help save him, then I am truly sorry for what must have happened to you to make you look at the world in that way.

8 Comments on “Blog War!”

  1. Tyler Gates says:

    Simply put, you have no right to say a damn thing about politics or in contrast to Sarah, because you didn’t even register to vote. You’re pathetic.

    You’re like what Robin Williams said about George W. Bush and business ethics. “George W. Bush talking about business ethics is like a leper giving you a facial, is just doesn’t work”. Well Clint, neither does any criticism from you.

  2. Sarah says:

    From the very beginning, you took something written totally as a JOKE as something serious. Calling me “inhumane” and whatever else you call me is judging someone you don’t know–just as you accuse me of doing.

    I happen to have been raised in a Southern Baptist Church, and if you bothered to read the post just below that JOKE, you would see that I am more than willing to give credit where it is due–EVEN if it happens to go to a republican.

    That being said, aren’t you judging ME without knowing me? Isn’t that what you accuse ME of doing to you?

    I don’t know, but I think maybe that makes us even. It certainly makes you no better than I am, doesn’t it?

  3. Clint Sharp says:

    The joke wasn’t funny.

    You judged me based on the fact that I didn’t find your joke funny or amusing, not based on what I had wrote, which is where I see the difference. Nothing on my blog or any my comment prior to this post have I identified myself with any particular political party. I was judging you based off of what I’ve read of your writing, and seeing as I’ve been reading your blog for several weeks, I’m probably more educated on your writing than you are on mine.

    Hard for me to say if I’m *better* than you. That would probably require an impartial third party judge to determine, seeing as we would likely have to agree to disagree.

  4. Josh Leo says:

    I agree…no one, no matter who they are deserves to be saved from death…I think that is like the most basic thing there is.

    and wow…talk about flame war…they get pretty freaking riled up and start whipping out the hotstility like it is their job…

    and finally…perhaps you should expound as to why you didnt vote…did it have anything to do with the fact that you had just moved to the state?

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  6. adam says:

    Josh doesn’t think anyone deserves to be saved from death?
    What an asshole!

    Heh. Just kidding. Isn’t it funny how the lack of three letters can change a sentiment so thoroughly: deserves to be saved VS. deserves NOT to be saved…

    Well, whatever. I’ve been in non-confrontation mode for the past couple days after a drawn-out argument with some people about intelligent design Vs. science. I just decided it was best to do an about-face and stroll away. With things like religion and/or politics, sometimes you just have to cut your losses.

    All of the arguing led me to this realization.

  7. Josh Leo says:

    yeah sorry…not…deserves NOT!

  8. Yeah, horrible Joke, and I hate Bush’s politics. Still, Clint, you responded to her pathetic excuse for a joke in a way that was bound to piss her off, and when people get pissed off, they tend to write even stupider stuff.

    As for Hitler….Mmmmm, I might be tempted to just let the guy drown, but I think the right thing to do would be rescue him and then bust out the firing squad after a swift, fair trial, of course.

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