Rural Broadband in Arkansas

Doc Searls writes:

A friend is moving to rural Arkansas to be near his ailing mother, among other things. While getting ready to go, he’s seeking broadband recommendations. There’s no local broadband, from cable or DSL. Cell service is also out. Dial-up doesn’t work, and suffers a lack of local numbers anyway. What’s left? I’m thinking satellite. Beyond suggesting a perusal of Broadband Reports, I’m not sure what to suggest, exactly. How about the rest of ya’ll?

Doc, there’s plenty of options, even out in the rural areas. Arkansas is still a fairly big state, so I’d have to know exactly where he’s moving, but if he needs some help please have him get in contact with me. I worked for an ISP that eventually sold out to Earthlink that offered service all over the state so thusly I’ve visited every major town in the state, and I still know many people there working in the Internet and telco areas. Have him send me an email or give me a call and we’ll see what we can do for him. I’m also planning to move back there as well. It’s a great place to live.

One Comment on “Rural Broadband in Arkansas”

  1. You may wish to reveiw, for rural satellite broadband Internet service provided by DirecWay, combined with agricultural markets, market analysis, news, and weather.

    I’d like to see posts from current Agristar users, if any happen to read this. I hear their customer service is superior to going directly to DirecWay, and the cost is the same, or less if you’re part of one of their cooperating agricultural associations.


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