What am I getting myself into?

Of course, with all the excitement about moving back to Fort Smith, there’s still the sadness that overcomes me when I read things like this from local citizens in the Southwest Times Record Letters to the Editor:


My heart grieves with the righteous and poor of New Orleans, and I can understand their anger at the slowness of relief efforts. For days, FEMA, state, county and local officials knew that Katrina, a category five hurricane, was going to strike somewhere in that region of the gulf coast.

Emergency supplies of food, water, cots, blankets, tents, generators and so forth could have been requested and strategically placed near enough but out of the way of the storm’s path. Emergency caravans of buses, trucks and other ground transportation could have and should have been contracted and staged.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

But in their defense, New Orleans has for decades been a hotbed of spiritual and sexual idolatry, a place where Voodoo and satanic rituals are regularly practiced.

Who’s to say that the mighty hand of Almighty God hadn’t finally had his nostrils filled and with one mighty swipe taken it all out? If I lived in other areas of the country, where godlessness and spiritual and moral idolatry have become the norm, I think I would either start moving closer to God or I’d start moving.

God has created this world and he was pleased with His work, but sin has come into the world and turned it into a violent and wicked cesspool. My faith teaches me that Christ is coming again, only this time not as a little baby, but as a ruler with a rod of iron in his hands.

Christians can you not hear the trumpets blow “to arms, to arms”? It’s time the truth is preached and people’s eyes opened by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Denny Neff


It makes me sad that anyone could be so ill-informed, full of malice and hatred, and so far removed from his religion’s teachings. Residents of Lavaca, if you know Denny Neff, please give him a swift kick in the ass for me and tell him what a shithead he is. Denny, you make me sick.

Rural Broadband in Arkansas

Doc Searls writes:

A friend is moving to rural Arkansas to be near his ailing mother, among other things. While getting ready to go, he’s seeking broadband recommendations. There’s no local broadband, from cable or DSL. Cell service is also out. Dial-up doesn’t work, and suffers a lack of local numbers anyway. What’s left? I’m thinking satellite. Beyond suggesting a perusal of Broadband Reports, I’m not sure what to suggest, exactly. How about the rest of ya’ll?

Doc, there’s plenty of options, even out in the rural areas. Arkansas is still a fairly big state, so I’d have to know exactly where he’s moving, but if he needs some help please have him get in contact with me. I worked for an ISP that eventually sold out to Earthlink that offered service all over the state so thusly I’ve visited every major town in the state, and I still know many people there working in the Internet and telco areas. Have him send me an email or give me a call and we’ll see what we can do for him. I’m also planning to move back there as well. It’s a great place to live.