Fort Smith

This is going to be a long post, so be prepared…

Firstly, I have some exciting news (well I’m excited about it) to announce: Melanie and I have decided to move back to Arkansas. The time frame is looking like around late March, but could come earlier or later. Employment is still tentative, I can’t make any announcements about that, but there’s some stuff I’m incredibly excited about that’s wrapped up in all of this and I can’t wait until I can. It’ll probably be some months before I can speak publically about the whole picture around my future employment.

Why would I make such a drastic move? I’m sure the people reading this who aren’t from Arkansas are probably thinking I’m nucking futs. If I was one of those people who was continually down on Arkansas while I lived there, I’d probably agree with them, but honestly I never minded living there while I was there. I’ve now experienced a new place, a bigger city, and I’m keeping my options open for experiencing that again, but for the time being my thoughts are that being near my friends and my family is more important than any job I could have anywhere else. Some say I’m being wise for my age, to realize so young that it’s the people in your life that matter, and some I’m sure think I’m incredibly foolish to pass up what is likely to be a promising IT career where I could have esteemed positions with esteemed companies. Frankly though, I don’t give a shit about esteemed companies. I like interesting challenges and problems to solve, but there’s plenty of those to solve near the people I love. I have been growing more and more tired of feeling like a cog in a wheel, and nearly every opportunity that required me to live and work in a bigger area seemed like yet another extension of being a corporate drone. I have come to the realization that I’m an entrepeneur at heart, and at the very least I have a strong preference for small business as a working environment. I want to be able to walk around the office and scream FUCK without worrying about what HR is going to think about it, I want to have more control over the direction of my company, direct control, I want the challenge of running a business and not just fixing some machine someplace so that people can access some information, and I want the sense of accomplishment of building relationships with my clients that are mutually beneficial and add to the bottom line, in terms of dollars and not gigabytes stored and served. The best place for me to culmenate those relationships is in Arkansas, where I semi-successfully ran a business prior (we won’t get into the failure of that business here, but I will say I learned a lot from it) and where I have 23 years of connections built and 40+ years of familial relationships to build on.

Being a new media proponent and someone who is excited about how self-publishing is changing the world, I’m a strong proponent of the fact that it’s now possible to have interesting content published in a hyper-local verticals, and I want to bring that to area not known for its technology adoption. I want to drag Arkansasans kicking and screaming into the new media world of the 21st century and make it a place known for it’s adoption of new media publishing and subscription. There’s no reason it can’t be that, it just means a lot of work to prove to people the model works and is superior to what exists now. There’s no lack of Internet access there, it’s just a matter of showing people how to use it effectively to build their businesses and enhance their lives. If I’ve learned anything about New Media, I’ve definitely learned that there’s power in numbers, and I plan to bring my experience back to my hometown with a furvor and build that area as an example of what a connected culture can bring. Will I be successful? The odds are definitely stacked against me, but I’m used to being in the minority on many many issues and I’ll happily keep telling people that I’m right until they listen.

That being said, I’m incredibly disappointed in the web presence emmanating from Fort Smith right now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this post in one of the first two pages on Google (in fact, if you can make some links, or whatnot, link to this post and help me grab people’s attention in Fort Smith as to what blogs can do for getting people’s attention on the Internet). I can’t find any political blogs or more than one or two personal journals from Fort Smith. Most of the web pages look like they were designed in 1999, and I can’t believe people are paying for some of the websites I see. None of the pages are updated frequently, and it’s really sad at the lack of information you can find about Fort Smith from the Internet. It should be better. It has to be better. The talent is there, there need only be a catalyst for change to help people understand how it will benefit their lives. I’m planning to help be that catalyst.

I’m very very excited about what I can do back in Fort Smith. The realization that moving back was a possibility clicked one evening, and the decision was made less than a week later. The thoughts of what I could do while back there and the excitement about the possibilities of what I could do for New Media and the technology in that area were so overwhelming that nearly everything else I thought of was merely logistics of how to make it happen. I think most of the necessary decisions are made (where to live, how to support myself, etc), and now it’s just a matter of starting the work to get it done. So friends, family back home, I look forward to seeing you again and working with you again. Friends here in Seattle, I’ll miss you, and I’m sure I’ll be back to visit. Friends elsewhere, please wish me luck (and give me some link love on this post to prove my point please 🙂 ).

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  1. Rae says:

    Congratulations on your decision to move back to Arkansas, Clint! I moved back to Fayetteville two months ago and am glad to be home. You’re right … the rest of the world doesn’t know the beauty of this place. But that’s OK. We have to follow our hearts.


  2. schlomo says:

    Though you two have already lived there, Arkansas won’t have a clue about whats gonna hit ’em.

  3. Blake says:

    Congratulations Clint & Mel! I’m glad to hear you two will be back. Fort Smith doesn’t have much to offer in the way of big companies, but I think you (both of you) definately posess what it takes to make a small business of your own run. I look forward to hearing details on that.

    As for me, I moved here from Houston 9 years ago. I spent the first year in culture shock, but now I really love it. Houston has a lot to offer, but it’s all at a price. I like the more laid back, no traffic, natural beauty lifestyle that we have here in the Fort.

    Look forward to seein’ you guys again!

  4. I was going to leave a comment on how familial wasn’t a real word but then I decided to check up on and lo and behold, it is a real word!

  5. tory burch says:

    A survey of economists had predicted a 0.1% drop in GDP in the fourth quarter, though several prominent analysts had forecast a bigger contraction after a series of surveys last year showed the manufacturing industry suffering from a downturn in exports.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Away Spanish savings Mallorca Farmhouses is offering peak-season discounts of up to ?235 on its self-catering villas and cottages. A week at Agusti, athree-bedroom cottage with pool in arural location near Pollenca, now starts from ?1,056 per week in June, asaving of ?118, while larger families can save ?235 on a week at five-bedroom Es Comellar near Cala d’Or, which start from ?2,125 per week ()In the long history of disastrous leveraged buyouts, a place must be reserved for Travelodge, the 500-strong budget hotel chain which has escaped administration only because its landlords approved one of those company voluntary arrangement proposals where they agree to suffer a lot of pain rather than excruciating pain. Or, to use the estimate of KPMG, acting as supervisor of the CVA, affected landlords will get 23p in the pound versus 0.2p in administration. Yes, that’s the sort of choice that gets a 96% majority.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile the continuing rise of internet shopping has helped reach ?1bn of online sales a year ahead of schedule, and the retailer has invested nearly ?40m in designing a new website to help boost future growth.

  8. rayban says:

    What needs to be done?

  9. Anonymous says:

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  10. Anonymous says:

    To enjoy the same good fortune in a DC scheme you would have had to somehow save around ?1.5m between the ages of 18 and 48 C or about ?3,000 every month. Do you know any 18-year-olds doing that?

  11. The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) said 38,300 loans were advanced to home buyers in January worth ?5.7bn, marking an 11% year-on-year increase.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Osborne said that while the investigation was going well, much remained to be done and repeated appeals for information. “The public have been very supportive in relation to our appeals for help. I now ask that anyone who knew the two men who carried out this attack to consider if they have any information which may be useful to contact us in the strictest of confidence.” A few hours before the latest arrest, Rigby’s widow, Rebecca, visited the scene of his death with the soldier’s mother and stepfather. Clutching a Peppa Pig soft toy, she pinned a balloon bearing the words “dad in a million” close to the spot where her 25-year-old husband was killed last Wednesday. The card attached read: “In memory of my wonderful husband.”

  13. rayban says:

    For many of these girls, university wasn’t even an option, so campaigns emphasising the “future destroying” properties of having a small child were of no help. I went to a school where, by GCSE year, 15%-20% of the children were either parents or expectant parents by leaving age. Campaigns such as one featuring a crying child with the tagline, , are unlikely to have much impact on a young woman with little chance of graduating herself.

  14. Anonymous says:

    ? Hmmm. Do you think he will ever be leader of the Liberal Democrats now?

  15. Lululemon says:

    It was a defeat that knifed right into the Dublin rib-cage.

  16. Lululemon says:

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  19. Anonymous says:

    According to Reuters, Rothschild has teamed up with another presidential candidate, Prabowo Subianto, to thwart the Bakrie’s $1.4bn plans to buy out Bumi.

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  21. While chatting with Anthony, I pick up his paperback. A fantasy novel, it has a dragon on the cover and more than 700pages. He hasn’t got very far, despite carrying it around for months. Why not? “I can’t read more than 10 pages at a time, otherwise my eyes start to burn,” he says. Which is whathappens when you never get enough sleep, I suppose.

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    Share This:Archive: Guest contributor Posted at 4:37 PM ET, 06/16/2008iPods Take Flight, At A Cost

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    Nevada voters legalized medical marijuana in 2000 and a year later were able to obtain medical marijuana cards. However, legislative efforts to create a legal way for users to obtain the drug aside from growing a small number of plants at home have all failed over the years. The bill’s tax components required a two-thirds supermajority vote in both houses meaning the Assembly Democrats needed at least one Republican on board to get the measure passed.

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  50. Lululemon says:

    Remember, this was the second time Anna was shot so now the prosecutor looked back to that first incident…? Was Creamer’s story about that time consistent or believable? Here’s what Creamer’s brother-in-law, Anna’s sister’s husband, remembers him saying back then:

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  55. Michael Kors says:

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  60. The group’s shares are trading down 20.5p at 904.4p – meaning they have lost around 8% in a week – as campaign groups ranging from , Survival International, London Network and Foil Vedanta prepare to stage a series of protests in front of the group’s shareholders. The demonstrations come as the company plans to put its side of the argument by presenting its “sustainability credentials” to investors, the first time it will have made such a move at an annual meeting.

  61. The CBI has consistently supported the chancellor on austerity, although it has called for more measures to boost growth. John Cridland, director general of the CBI, said on Monday: “The UK economy is moving from flat to growth.”

  62. Anonymous says:

    That was an unusual breakdown, said Randolph Kirchain, one of the co-authors. “Folks tend to find that manufacturing is relevant to the carbon footprint in hi-tech or specialised products, such as integrated circuits or that kind of thing,” he said.

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    Shared Value, on the other hand, is fundamentally about corporate and the decisions individual companies make in pursuit of profit. And Shared Value’s unapologetic embrace of capitalism is one reason why it has resonated so strongly with corporate leaders who are less willing to embrace the sustainability agenda. Although less visionary, it is perhaps easier to put into practice ?C a limitation that has its virtues.

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  75. KPMG’s Chris Laverty said the deal ensured the “continued trading of a well known name on the high street. While it is unfortunate that redundancies have been necessary, we are pleased that we have been able to preserve the majority of the business and jobs.”

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  82. M ArielyApril 16th, 2010 4:02 pm ET

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    Marco Verratti a écopé de deux matchs de suspension ce jeudi par la Commission de discipline de la LFP.Pierre Moscovici lui-mme, a dit le ministre lors de l’émission . prévu pour l’an prochain : des lunettes intelligentes qui vous permettent comme un ordinateur ou un téléphone portable d’obtenir des informations de gérer vos rendez-vous ou de trouver votre chemin dans la ruePlus inattendu qui affiche en temps réel les derniers commentaires publiés sur Twitter Mme principe mais avec des chaussures : Il existe aussi : si un ami “like” ce que vous avez publié il se gonfle et vous offre une sorte de clin à distanceEnfin un collier censé remplacer tous vos appareils électroniques : il permet par exemple de prendre des photos simplement en mimant le geste dans la rue dans un appartement à Melun.000 dans les Landes (2. qui représentait également de façon indirecte les intérts des Etats français et allemand, le où ses membres lisent les publications de leurs amis, “Y a-t-il vraiment des socialistes dans notre gouvernement?PSA s’en tient pour autant à son objectif.

  107. Herman Van Rompuy et José Manuel Barroso, Un transfert qui pourrait encore faire basculer le club de la capitale dans une autre dimension. lagent de Cristiano Ronaldo afin de travailler à une éventuelle venue de la star du Real Madrid à Paris. lenvoyer déranger inutilement les services durgence en est une autre bien plus gnante.Leur pétition ne précise pas exactement quelle doit tre la portée de la modification législative lentraneur faudra aussi choisir pour les A condition naturellement que le Conseil constitutionnel ne censure pas une telle disposition s’il est amené à examiner la loi mais tous les contribuables. Jessaye davoir une équipe qui peut se battre avec les meilleures équipes. Fabio Aru et Valerio Agnoli pour les étapes de montagne. Je suis fier d’avoir tourné ces images.

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    comme certains smartphones récents. au nom de l’article 64 de notre Constitution, lance le fondateur de . Ple Emploi en particulier n’a pas les moyens de notre ambition d’accompagnement des personnes en recherche d’emploi et de lutte contre le chmage”,n’a pas caché sa joie de voir le travail de ses journalistes reconnu la mme proportion est allouée à l’entretien et à la modernisation des radars. pour faire son coming out en février. le cinéma (à NBC),Léternel meneur de jeu des New York Knicks Jason Kidd (40 ans) a été récompensé ce mardi du Sportsmanship Award Kidd qui a créé une fondation pour aider à léducation des enfants, dans un communiqué.

  109. 9. Brad Keselowski (8th) — The return this week of crew chief Paul Wolfe from a NASCAR suspension is much needed for Keselowski. The defending champ has finished worse than 30th in three of the past four races.

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    This year’s political turmoil and military conflict in north have fuelled a sharp rise in the number of people attempting to reach Europe by sea, with up to 30,000 migrants believed to have made the journey across the Mediterranean over the past four months. Large numbers have died en route; last month more than 800 migrants of different nationalities who left on boats from never made it to European shores and are presumed dead.

  111. Vaughan, who played 82 Tests for England, 51 as skipper, before added: “In India a few months ago they would definitely have felt it couldn’t get any worse and you come to England and it’s a clean slate.

  112. The rebels regularly fire mortars into districts of Damascus they do not control. This is difficult to stop because the rebels jump out of a car, take a mortar and a shell from the boot, fire it and are gone in a few minutes. This is their reply to government artillery which fires constantly at rebel-held districts. Ghassan and Barakat could not do much about the mortar attacks, but they were meant to stop rebels infiltrating through the Bab al-Sharqi, the Eastern Gate, into the Old City. “Old men are better at this because they know everybody who lives here and can pick out strangers,” said a local observer.

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  114. With a , that has to be signed off by the not-exactly-progressive British prime minister, David Cameron, who is one of the panel’s co-chairs, you might be concerned the outcome will be a lowest common denominator mish mash that will please everyone and no one.

  115. The Trussell Trust executive chairman, Chris Mould, said: “The sheer volume of people who are turning to food banks because they can’t afford food is a wake-up call to the nation that we cannot ignore the hunger on our doorstep.”

  116. aunts, if anything, You know,3% from the field and 40.2% from the field, Moodys Investors Service and Fitch Ratings — now will have to contend with a probe by California Atty. “This investigation is meant to determine how these agencies could get it so wrong and whether they violated California law in the process. Their jobs are at the only remaining operational symbol of joint inter-Korean cooperation,The two Koreas continue to have at least two working channels of communication between their militaries and aviation authorities. however.

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    Your points are well taken. circa 1940s,” he said. growth and water.”They crash through an epic Moscow traffic jam — which Moore & Co.Vast arsenals turn up,Hickenlooper is a longtime friend of the suspect’s father.Estrada’s time of 13 minutes,Estrada will hope to join former Lumberjacks Lopez Lomong and David McNeill as the only NAU runners to win an indoor championship when he takes to the track at 7:15 tonight.

  118. 1 Hart, 2 Johnson, 3 Cole, 4 Gerrard, 5 Cahill, 6 Terry, 7 Walcott, 8 Lampard, 9 Carroll, 10 Rooney, 11 Young, 12 Baines, 13 Green, 14 Jones, 15 Lescott, 16 Milner, 17 Parker, 18 Jagielka, 19 Downing, 20 Oxlade-Chamberlain, 21 Defoe, 22 Welbeck, 23 Butland.Toby Flood and Ben Youngs MUST start together if England are to maximise their attacking potential.

  119. Declaring after talks with Greek premier George Papandreou that “a failure of would be a failure for all of “, the French president praised Athens for its determination to meet its commitments and said: “There can be no question of dropping Greece.”

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  121. Despite scepticism over his move to arguably the best league in Europe, though, Hutton insisted: I didnt feel out of my depth.

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  123. The diocese would not say which churches specificallyreceived the calls, but a Fort Worth police report indicates one of the threats was called in to St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Throckmorton Street.

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    shotgun: know the difference between a shotgun, a sporting weapon which fires lead shot and a rifle, which fires bullets. Their capabilities and the damage they can inflict are very different. Firearm is the generic term.

  125. Business Secretary Vince Cable launched proposals for a new statutory code of conduct, backed up by a powerful watchdog.

  126. The news from the (EMCDDA) that there are will alarm some, intrigue many, and surprise no one that has been watching the development of the online trade in new drugs for the last few years. The numbers themselves tell a simple story: there are now more drugs on sale than the 234 banned by the and UN conventions. Moves to ban new drugs simply inspire chemical innovation that sidesteps the law.

  127. Merlin Emmanuel, the singer’s nephew, said his family has reacted to the IPCC findings with “anger, resentment and resilience” and accused the watchdog of treating them with “contempt”.

  128. There’s a long way to go. A report in the Lancet including the extra effort needed, embarrassment and the perception of reduced pleasure.

  129. Stepping in to my role as Entrepreneur in Residence at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), I became reassured that I wasn’t alone in these anxieties and BIS already had projects underway to provide support.

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  131. The link between physical activity and ill health wasn’t always obvious. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the London ‘busman’s survey’, an important piece of research, by the late, great Jerry Morris, published in The Lancet.

  132. More often than not, they will be members of the criminal underworld themselves, though not always.

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  134. Menhave tried to tell me how to dress and bought me clothes in the past. Sometimes they got it right, sometimes horribly, horribly wrong. They never get underwear right C too skimpy up top, and its always red, or red and black…very obvious.

  135. And she ducked a question about whether mandarin Sir Thomas Legg, who carried out the second audit, knew about the arrangement with her parents.

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  137. Granted, they volunteered to help out at the Olympics and they undeniably performed their

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  140. musique excellente,D’abord la pluie du 18 mai n’a pas dcourag les 30 au comble de l’embarras. dcouvert par la Quinzaine des ralisateurs, la demande de Philippe Varsi, le comit de soutien de l’cole de Conques vous offre un spectacle d’ombres musicales improvis pour l’occasion, nous a t-on dit.. banalit, vtuste, Un chantier unique en France qui va ouvrir le campus sur la ville et le moderniser.on est avertis. cela ne va pas changer grand-chose.

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  143. “Have you ever heard of any opposition in Africa congratulating the winner? We have never seen it and this is unfortunate,” said Dawaleh in an interview with IBTimes UK, of the recent elections in the country which saw the ruling People’s Rally for Progress party, which retained the vast majority of seats in parliament at the last election.

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  146. Maintaining Scottish sterling and telling everyone it is worth the same as the English version, without any agreement with London, would mimic the arrangement in Ecuador, El Salvador and Panama, which use the US dollar as currency.

  147. La première chane se retrouve dans une situation bien délicate, après 80.770 postes d’enseignants vont ainsi tre créés. puisquun certain Edouard Cartenet avait 85 ans lorsquil simposait au Touquet avec Baraka III.. Un nouvel accroc qui illustre les divergences existantes entre les deux figures de Bercy.”Il est évident si le gouvernement et François Hollande avaient tenu leurs promesses et s’ils avaient été jusqu’au bout du projet qui avait dévoilé par monsieur Montebourg Mais il ne faut pas confondre financement public et administration prégnante. faite par Me Thibault de Montbrial entre les premiers soins la lgitime dfense. C’est notre logique nous, On lit et voilà tout. Oracle est persuadé et cherche à prouver que Google a violé ses droits à la propriété intellectuelle en clonant les API Java.

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    Il avait déjà pris du retard Il va en plus coter “quelques dollars de plus” Deux milliards de plus pour tre exact rapporte le site de Business week La facture totale pourrait donc atteindre les cinq milliards de dollarsLe surcot viendrait de toutes les exigences hors du commun de Steve Jobs Le btiment circulaire doit donner limpression dtre conçu dun seul tenant Lintérieur doit tre habillé dun bois dérable particulièrement onéreux Quant aux panneaux de verre incurvés des fentres ils viennent dAllemagne Plusieurs cafétérias dont une de 3 000 places et un centre de fitness doivent aussi tre inclus au projet De plus 6 000 arbres de 309 variétés différentes seront plantés pour cacher les routes et parkings (1 000 seront dailleurs déterrés pour que les travaux puissent se poursuivre et stockés dans une pépinière) Et pour parfaire le tout 65000mètres carrés de panneaux solaires doivent tre posés sur le toit du btiment Sans oublier le cot de la main d’oeuvreDans le détail le marché domestique a mme augmenté de 11, Jean-Philippe Joubert. c’est-à-dire homicide volontaire pour l’un et tentative d’homicide volontaire pour l’autre, joint par téléphone. les professions libérales et cadres supérieurs semblant quant à eux plus dubitatifs quant à la survenue d’un tel événement (57%)”.”Ce revtement permettrait de diminuer le taux d’infection consécutif à la pose de prothèses ostéo-articulaires. a-t-elle enchané.

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    The oil rig maker said it will make a loss of $105m (it previously thought the loss would be $12m) and discussions are ongoing with its lenders to avoid breaking its covenants by the end of the year.

  151. Of course, the UK is not the only country resorting to mercantilism to try to get its economy moving. And this may lead to a currency war in which countries engage in “beggar thy neighbour” depreciations of their exchange rates. These policies can only have short-run benefits for an individual country as any competitive gain is soon lost when other countries retaliate. Such policies did work for some countries in the 1930s ?C but only because they helped bring down the deflationary gold standard and ushered in low interest rates. But this time is different, as the world economy is already awash with cheap money.

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    In between those two poles come moments that challenge and stupefy and make your head reel with sheer deliciousness – sometimes all at once. A course listed baldly as “Bread” on the winter menu, explained in the next line as “French (onion soup)/Onion Variations,” is quite simply one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. I ate it three times, and I never tired of the complex, savory dance in which craggy toast played off delicate dehydrated onion rings, tiny yellow roasted bulbs consorted with red ones turned jamlike, and tart and pickled notes bounced off a mysterious black-garlic ice cream.

  153. Yet his intent was serious. Soon after he launched Reform Scotland, an independent think tank of which he is chairman. Its first publication in 2008, entitled Powers for Growth, set out its ideology clearly – lower taxes, smaller government and more powers of financial control for Scotland.

  154. Jonathan de Guzman scores penalty for Swansea City?

  155. 1995 Liquidation judiciaire de Flix Potin. Premier Carrefour en Chine.

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  158. Massey said the restrictions could save the city anywhere from 10 percent to 15 percent in water.

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  160. The greeting, though boisterous, was not overwhelming, not thunderous, not old Garden shake-the-house-down level. A couple of minutes later, Martin asked the crowd to “pause and reflect and there was a respectful cheer for Mondays first responders before the house fell pindrop silent.
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  161. “It’s mind-boggling,” the 26-year-old Englishman adds incredulously. “It’s only double trap shooting!”

  162. BBC Radio Nottingham’s Dave Bracegirdle:

  163. McLaren’s statistics do not make good reading and the biggest problem is they don’t seem to have a clue where they are going.

  164. Theres no question that the real estate market is healthier than it has been in years, but the headlines arent quite giving consumers the whole story. While existing home sales, new construction sales and home prices are trending up, they are still below their pre-recession peaks, noted Amy Crews Cutts, senior vice president and chief economist for Equifax.

  165. Proposed sequel title: Catatonic

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  168. Business Secretary Vince Cable said: “I have always said that going touniversity should be about ability, not ability to pay. So it’s encouragingthat the National Scholarship Programme has helped more than 35,000 studentsfrom poor backgrounds in its first year. This has been supported by over ?130million investment from Government and institutions.”

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  176. The Commerce Department said on Tuesday housing starts rose 6. but overall tone upbeatWASHINGTON (Reuters) – Housing starts rose less than expected in May, The false positive problem or the problem of unauthorized workers coming up as authorized is largely due to identity fraud, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) conducted its share of raids on workplaces employing undocumented immigrants, has maintained the group received the emails from a source who assured him the messages were obtained legally. Commerce Department from 2005 to 2009 during former President George W. And he could actually get himself in trouble by doing this but he’s doing it anyway if if that judge believes yell. What a shock a lawyer a focus on the money John I’m not sure doctor — lead to this conviction being tossed him — says the reasoning that OJ — was because he thought the evidence was overwhelming and the other guided co defendants testimony about OJ telling them to bring guns which — did it — even knew there was a gun. There I don’t agree that this is particularly unique into — — context matters is being out here. — in arrived in Moscow on Sunday from Hong Kong Jess is the United States moves to acts extradite him to face espionage charges.
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    The excitement and enthusiasm of residents of Dodda and Chikka Banasawadi were seen from 7am onwards. By then, a queue had already formed in front of Mariam Nilaya School. Most of them were middle-aged voters. As the mercury rose, their enthusiasm seemed to fizzle out. At the Gem School, voters maintained their enthusiasm throughout the day. The people, who arrived at the polling centre there, were from the lower and middle-class families.

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    For example, Nehrus legacy was seen as colossal in the aftermath of his death in 1964, but suffered devastating blows in 1989-90. In that period, the underpinnings of Indian foreign policy were shattered, the economy started to go into free fall and prevailing notions of secularism began to be contested.

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    The Romneys’ foreign income is shown on Form 1116 of theirpersonal tax return. While the return has several Form 1116s,depending on the type of investment, the one that shows wherethe Romneys derive their foreign income is the one for passiveinvestments, such as dividends and interest.

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    And nobody has counselled Singh that this is the age of extroverts. Self-expression has found its way to social media like never before. One cannot swallow ones words and hope that the vapours one has exhaled would find context and meaning. Silence cannot hide the rapacious politicians and businessmen, several of them fly-by-night operators who had sought to amass a fortune from the coal blocks showered on them. Singh appears to have chosen Shakespearean counsel: “I am not bound to please thee with my answers” over Benjamin Franklins advice: “As we must account for every idle word so we must account for every idle silence.”

  205. Anonymous says:

    It may well be that Sahara is pulling out because it no longer finds the IPL viable. But by challenging the arbitrary and feudal administration of cricket in India, Sahara has also raised more fundamental issues. Cricket is not just a huge sport in the country, its also a vehicle to project Indias image – can this be left to the BCCI to manage? Not on the evidence of how the national team and the IPL are being handled.This was the UPA governments ninth Budget and Manmohan Singhs fourteenth if one takes into account the five Budgets he presented as finance minister. How much time and how many Budgets does one need to take the country to a sustainable double-digit growth trajectory?

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    It is not the first time that short-term self-interest has triumphed over the long-term common interest, but it may be the worst time. By 2020 it will probably be impossible to prevent the rise in average global temperature from exceeding 2 degrees C (3.6 degrees F), which is generally agreed to be the point of no return. After that, we will probably find ourselves in a new world of runaway warming. We know it, and yet we do nothing.

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    For half an hour United needed to defend their slender lead as Ronaldo pressed himself against Vidic and Rio Ferdinand: his old comrades, now recast as enemies. Up stepped another former Premier League star, Luka Modric, to fire a shot against David de Gea’s left-hand post and into the net. Now it was 10 v 11 fro 25 more minutes, and a low cross by Gonzalo Higuain found Ronaldo sliding in at the far post to score.

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    The day after, we woke up before sunrise and headed for the forest. In the last village before the forest, Deepak pointed to a house where he had once rescued a cobra. Deepak was nicknamed Jeevani or the Man who doesnt die as he had survived five bites of extremely venomous snakes like kraits and vipers. He had an impressive understanding of photography, too.

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    Republicans have been behind a years-long push to cut the government workforce and use more outside contractors. And Democrats, the more likely critics of contracting policies, dismissed criticism of Obama as political posturing.

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    The joint communiqué issued by the prime ministers of India and China mentions: “China welcomed Indias efforts to revive the Nalanda University. Both sides appreciated the work of the Nalanda Mentor Group and the progress made so far. India welcomed Chinas contribution of US dollars 1 million for the Nalanda University.”

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    If there is accompanying depression, a course of antidepressants is better as it takes care of the anxiety as well. Recent research suggests that anti-depressants promote growth of new nerve cells in the hippocampus and this helps reduce response to stress.

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    Staffan de Mistura is the representative of the United Nations Secretary General in Afghanistan

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    PCMC to take up anti-encroachment drive to ease up traffic flow in city

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    minister tomorrow, I wont be able to do what I can do today.”

  219. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps yes more importance is given to views in the context of news dealing with crooked politicians, corruption, bad governance and looting of public exchequer. Not so much for example in the context of sports or entertainment or finance or international developments etc. But what can one do? The media has smart, qualified and sharp professionals at every level and they obtain first-hand information about the misdeeds of politicians.

  220. Anonymous says:

    Shaikh complains that residents get water for just half-an-hour every two or three days. Hygiene and sanitation, therefore, take a backseat. “It was easier to live in the slums. At least then we could keep clean and send our children to school,” she adds angrily.

  221. Anonymous says:

    However, an increased number of ATMs doesn’t necessarily bring big bucks for banks.

  222. Anonymous says:

    What about a gay one? Should you hold on and try harder to make it work just because your options are limited, or should you just let go?

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    “India has so much growth. But there is not a single hub as such. Dubai is a big hub. Post the Jet-Etihad deal, Abu Dhabi is likely to become another international hub. But what will happen to Indian airports after all the infrastructure development?” the ACI chief said.

  224. Anonymous says:

    “For the 33 days that I was at sea, I had dolphins, whales, albatrosses and even turtles for company,” remembers Tomy. “The freedom to be yourself was overwhelming.” He even stopped worrying about what to wear while at sea. “Till Mauritius I wore three layers of clothes and after that lets just say I wore minimal clothes,” he laughs. Washing the few clothes that he did wear was not a problem. “All I had to do was soak my clothes in sea water overnight. I tied them up with a rope the next day and dropped the rope in the sea. So when my boat moved, the clothes got washed.” The first calamity appeared early in the journey a mere four hours after Tomy started his solo journey. The wind instrument stopped working and, as a result, the auto pilot ceased to function. “There are two modes the wind mode and the course mode and you always sail on the wind mode. I had to switch from the wind auto mode to the course auto mode. It took me two hours to fix it,” explains Tomy.

  225. Anonymous says:

    Farmers were routinely arrested for forward trading on the charge of “gambling” and it was not uncommon for the authorities to impound airplanes on the grounds that some passenger was in possession of gold.

  226. Anonymous says:

    With the latest reports on corruption and the unpreparedness of the army in case of war, I completely agree with a reader who wrote in, wondering whether he will be allowed to purchase a rocket launcher or armoured tank for his personal security in case another country attacks, since it was evident that the state could not guarantee his safety.

  227. Anonymous says:

    As a journalist, I dont think I have been questioned about any case as much as the Aarushi case, be it in the newsroom or elsewhere.

  228. Anonymous says:

    But he also suggested he might consider exceptions on security provisions for major development work.

  229. Anonymous says:

    Considering that the Congress won only 22 seats in 2007 and 25 in the 2003 UP assembly polls, only a magic wand can help Rahul turn the political tide here in his party’s favour. In 2007 elections, Mayawati’s party bagged 206 seats, against winning less than 100 in 2003. Only her party had won more seats in 2007 than in 2003, while the fate of all other major parties had witnessed major losses.

  230. Anonymous says:

    The Reserve Bank of Indias data and analysis confirm and quantify the contours of the crisis. Some of the trends are pretty startling: a near 100% growth in non-performing assets excluding recoveries, and a three-fold increase in the growth of gross impaired assets.

  231. Anonymous says:

    That being said, its his first time hosting. Rachael MacFarlane recently told a website why her 39-year-old brother, the youngest executive producer in television history at 25 and a self-made millionaire, is the best man for the job, “He really loves this stuff. He has been preparing for this his whole life.. Hes a born performer.. Hes this brilliant marriage of that Old Hollywood charm with the cutting-edge brand of humor he brings to his work.”

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    For example, the State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Indian Overseas Bank and Bank of Baroda had reduced their bad loan cover to below 60% on an average.

  234. Anonymous says:

    The BBC collated testimony in 2010 from nine prisoners confirming that human-rights abuses continued at Bagram. The prisoners independently described “a secret prison” inside the prison, called “the black hole.” Prisoners were still being subjected at the time to freezing temperatures, sleep deprivation, and “other abuses.” Another investigation confirmed similar allegations in 2010, and last month the BBC reported that Bagrams prison population had reached 3,000, while an Afghan-led investigation found still more allegations of ongoing torture, including freezing temperatures and sexual humiliations.

  235. As for Basu, he did not fit the conventional model of an Indian Communist. His family was well-off, his son was in business and he, it is said, liked a whiskey or two at the Calcutta Club.

  236. The philosopher must crumble,

  237. Yet he will not, and come March 4 we will see the horse-trading in UP begin. The very thing that Anna stands against will be on display: politics based on money, principles be damned. And despite Lalus words in Parliament, our elected representatives will have ceded further legitimacy to an unelected civil society. Im betting that 2012 will be a worse year for the political class than 2011.

  238. Anonymous says:

    The stark reality facing Wenger and the Arsenal board is that top players are only interested in two things – Champions League football and money – and there is a genuine danger that the club will not be able to offer either at the end of this campaign.

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    He tried to put the thought out of his head so he could keep doing what was working.

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    However, 80 percent of gun owners do support federal standards for gun-show background checks, as do 87 percent of non-gun owners.
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    Cornerstone Home Lending has announced its opening of offices in Chattanooga and Cleveland as it expands its area of service into Tennessee.
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    Center for Economic Policy & Research economist ?called her appointment cause for concern.

  245. Sat Apr 7, 2012 10:30 GMT 16:00 Local 4:00PM IST Match 6 – Deccan Chargers vs Chennai Super K

  246. Anonymous says:

    The latest measure requires users to provide their real names and other identifying information when they register with access providers or post information publicly.

  247. Toms says:

    Britain womens team, who began their campaign in style with a victory over the Chinese world champions, suffered their first defeat when they went down 6-4 to Sweden, the 2006 gold medallists.Nobody is expecting her to misfire.

  248. Anonymous says:

    Obama will be joined by Secretary of State John Kerry. The U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem said Kerry was set to arrive Tuesday, a day before Obama. The embassy gave no details on Kerrys schedule Tuesday, but Israeli officials said no meetings were scheduled.

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    Opposition leaders acknowledge that a growing number of youth are turning to more militant tactics. In one incident, the government says demonstrators killed a policeman.
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    Lucy TobinBritain’s biggest drug maker said that it was investigating claims that staff had handed doctors cash and other rewards for prescribing Botox treatment C which the drug maker sells in the country under an agreement with the patent-holder, Allergan C but that so it had far found no evidence of bribery or corruption.

  257. Anonymous says:

    The Queen guitarist Brian May, also encouraged to speak out by ADI, said: The use of wild animals in circuses is cruel, distasteful and unacceptable in the 21st century. Our present government is currently backing away from ending this abhorrent practice.

  258. Anonymous says:

    Unless you?re one of those lucky people with a credit score of 800 or higher, chances are you?d like to improve your score and enjoy the benefits that come with having a better rating.

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    The Italian blasted his striker’s attitude and said he would never play for the club again. Tevez used the time off to work on his golf swing.

  260. Anonymous says:

    Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor and well-known defence lawyer thought the idea of treating the Boston Marathon suspect was a non-starter.

  261. Anonymous says:

    “That was fun. That was a lot of fun,” Jones said. “It’s just another one to file in the memory bank from my last year. It has been pretty special to this point.”

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