Gillmor Gang in Video?

Check out this post from Steve Gillmor on August 2nd (I know, I’m really behind on my reading):

Soon it will be September and a new budget year. Once more the Valley will turn back to flipping startups and serving fish and chips. But this time the deals will be with the new content kids on the block, and Firefox will rule the land. And I shall be editing the new Gillmor Gang video edition, brought to you in part by SkypeSight and InMediaWeTrust.

The Gillmor Gang video edition? I thought I’d die before I saw the day, but if I can make it till next year I might see it (lest we forget that Gillmor and his gang have been known to be video poopooers in the past). Give me a call Steve, my number’s on this site, I’ll be happy to help. We’re always looking for more people on the bleeding edge with us.

One Comment on “Gillmor Gang in Video?”

  1. There are only three hits on Google for both SkypeSight and InMediaWeTrust.

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