Verdi pissed me off tonight with his post to the Videoblogging Group. I love Michael; he’s a great guy who gives himself fully to the community, but his attitude towards people who are looking to make money off of vlogging really grates on my nerves sometimes. It’s not that these people aren’t misguided, a lot of them are very misguided. Most of them will never make a cent, but I don’t see the problem with entertaining them, assuming they’re being respectful, civil and otherwise good community members. Perhaps I’m way off base here. Anyways, since I was pissed off, I filmed this rant, which basically sums up my feelings on the money thing. I want to make a living off of this, in whatever way possible, so I can do what I love doing rather than hating my job. I think most people agree and would do the same, but for some reason I’ve been labeled ‘the money man.’ Anyways, let me know what you think, I’m sure everyone will have an opinion.

26 Comments on “Rant”

  1. raymond says:

    Hey Clint, you won’t be the money man before you at least start getting some fucking O’Reilly contract for a book or some shit. 😉

    Good rant. I am not sure if I totally agree, but doesn’t it feel great to just – let it out? Get off some steam?

    That’s the beauty of the vlogosphere.

  2. bullethead says:

    Great rant Clint. I loaded up DTV and saw your rant on that Internet TV platform. Good for you man, everyone needs to make a buck. If you like what you do and it is useful to other people making a buck off of that isn’t that bad. On the otherhand I wouldn’t recommend subscription fees. I would recommend advertising in its place.

    Awesome rant I agree with you 100%. Keep on ranting… I love the ending lines “Nobodys going to stop me”.

  3. Jan says:

    Hmmm. Perhaps it would help if you were obviously naked?

    Humor aside, people play money matters close to their chests, no? It’s difficult for folks to discuss their business plans publicly before most of what they plan is already in place. That’s just smart business.

    Dollars are hot buttons on many levels, which is why I paid for an ad on Garfield’s vlog: to get the issue tangibly out in the open. Steve buried the ad at the end of a very long piece – and as Chuch Olsen noted – after the CC notice. Even he is embarassed on some level by money / advertising, even a public service announcement with no clear sponsor.

    It’s good that you address it.

    Made a del.icio.us tag on the subject – ‘$’

    Criminals aside, the more human beings able to make livings doing what they are passionate about, the better.

    Wishing you and Mel every success!

  4. Gena says:

    “Can we all get along?” Jeepers. We have to find a safe way to talk about this. I support you point of view. You do have a right to make a living off of this.

    Just as much as I want to make sure more people know about it and have use of the tools to create alternative content. I don’t want this to become a replica of television. It’s not.

    I wish there was a way for you, Michael and others to hash out a safe response to the $$$ folk. This is the first wave. More are coming.

  5. Carl Weaver says:

    I have to agree with Jan – it’s great when people follow their dreams and can make those dreams sustainable and profitable, as long as it isn’t at the expense of someone else.

    Maybe we should all get sponsor t-shirts or jerseys like professional bikers. You also have to ask what’s a commercial, anyway? Is Verdi’s video about his neighbor’s Cooper Mini a commercial? I’d say yes, but I doubt he got more than just a nice ride out of it. Where do you draw the line?

  6. r says:

    Agreed. And I got a kick out of the fact you responded with a vlog.

  7. ZuDfunck says:

    Sir Edmund was looking to add you to the Honor Roll of the League of Decent Vloggers. But because of this post I am afraid that is out of the question now.
    I agree with your stance on making some green but your use of foul language diminishes the message.
    Do keep an eye out for the Honor Roll coming soon to http://www.zudfunck.com. We are having time constraints due to the fact this is week one of the NFL preseason.
    This ZuD’s for You!

  8. I sent this to Jan in an email to reply to her comment here. She wants to continue hte discussion here in the comments.

    I said:

    I was surprised to see this in your comment on Clint’s vlog:

    “Dollars are hot buttons on many levels, which is why I paid for an ad on Garfield’s vlog: to get the issue tangibly out in the open. Steve buried the ad at the end of a very long piece – and as Chuch Olsen noted – after the CC notice. Even he is embarassed on some level by money / advertising, even a public service announcement with no clear sponsor.”

    Just want you to know that I didn’t ‘bury’ that ad on purpose. I just put it after the CC notice because that was the end of my content and the beginning of yours.

    Aren’t commercials on TV run after the credits? That’s all I was thinking and for sure I wasn’t burying it.

    After seeing Chuck’s comment, and now your comment, I’ll have to think about where future commercials on video vlogs belong.

    Second, I’m not embarrassed with money / advertising. So to say that on some level that I am, isn’t accurate.


  9. Randy Wicker says:

    I don’t understand why I could not open your rant. I am eager to hear it.

  10. Good rant. I like the black and white and the camera angle. I know exactly how you feel. I love making videos. I have loved it since I was a kid but couldn’t afford to do it back then.

    It’s the same reason I got into web design for a business : because I loved doing it. I think you and me and anyone else who wants have a right to make a buck doing something we love. In fact, it makes a lot more sense for people who love doing this to make money off it than for some other guy who just sees it as a job for some nameless corporation to make the money off it.

  11. Dooser says:

    Do you love it enough to be happy with it without makin a buck?

  12. Clint Sharp says:

    I think that would be obvious based on the fact that I’ve been doing this for free since I started. Still continue doing it for free, and will continue doing it for free. I’m not (nor are many people) likely to get paid for doing my content, so the actual act of videoblogging will likely remain a free endeavor indefinitely. More likely scenario is that I will either start or become involved in a company that offers software or services related to Internet video.

  13. Jan says:

    Apologies for implying motive to Steve’s placement of the ad. Consider this a retraction of the idea that Steve is in any way embarassed by advertising or money. Fact is, I know he’s not, which is why his vlog was the perfect place to buy an advertisement: to learn by closer association from his example.

    What I mean to say is I think a lot of artists ARE embarassed / shy / reluctant – for whatever reasons of insecurity – to be paid for their work. In most creative endeavors I feel some of those things. It’s only in the creative sphere of mixing sound that I feel I absolutely should be paid, and handsomely, too.

    What’s with THAT?

    In closing, it seems we definitely need to consider ad placement as part of the process of buying / selling ads.

  14. adam says:

    I love “fuck”. Thank you for screaming it at me.

  15. chuck-o says:

    i like fucking Clint. i fucking like Clint. fuck. yay!

    i’ve been without the 8-5 job all year, playing in vlog-land with a few freelance gigs to make ends meet. now i’m doing Minnesota Stories, which feels like my dream job. this is what i should be doing with my time and creativity and life. but right now there’s no money coming in. and it makes me sad and frustrated, so i’m trying to get some HTML drone job ASAP to make the house and car payment. which means i’ll have even less time for doing what i love… i think this is the price early adopters pay.

    of COURSE we should be able to make some money at this, and obviously we don’t need to feel guilty or feel like sellouts. i am so 100% spiritually cool with making money doing what i love – i know Verdi would agree. i think it’s fine to rant against people coming in now trying to cash in — there are lots of them and it’s only just begun.

    the cream, we hope, will rise to the top.

    sustain the cream.

  16. Jan says:

    Love that, “Sustain the cream.”

    Oh do.


  17. Doug Bradley says:

    I with you Clint. As far as I’m concerned the whole videoblogging group on Yahoo has gotten out of hand. There is too much flaming going on, too much criticizing, too many peoiple wanting to tell others whats wrong with their view of videoblogging. Fuck’em. You go man, if you can make money doing this… DO IT!

  18. richard says:

    Though Clint’s communication style on this video is not, exactly, the one I would use, I basically agree … doing something you love for food and shelter is ideal, and who can blame anyone for trying to figure that one out … in fact, I’m trying to figure out how to make it work with my professor job as we speak … one thing, though, is that I think that Clint is a little bitter since losing all the royalties on the question mark, and it comes out the video 🙂 …

  19. bottomunion says:

    Nothing wrong with making some cheese.
    I wish you wealth/health and the time to enjoy both.

  20. Levois says:

    I’m with you there. I think if this is how you make some money then you should go for it. I wish I had found this earlier. I’ve been an admirer of the blog/vlog but this is my first comment here. I wish you luck.

  21. ben sargent says:

    Hey All,

    I am living in NYC. I am wondering if you have an idea as to someone I might take on to help me with my first vlog. I think I am one of those people who lives, walks, talks a lifestyle people would like to know more about. Who can help? -ben


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