Watch Life Happen: Episode 3, Six Feet Under

*** WARNING *** Six Feet Under Spoiler in Video

This video was shot immediately after the most recent Six Feet Under aired. Six Feet Under is a television show that airs on HBO (for those not in the know). The show consistently produces the best Hollywood has to offer. I spend some time talking about our best and their best.

Click here for video. [ QuickTime ]

6 Comments on “Watch Life Happen: Episode 3, Six Feet Under”

  1. adam says:

    1. 6 feet under is great. I can see a little bit of myself in almost all the characters on that show. That’s why I watch it.

    2. As for competing with Hollywood, the metaphor that comes to mind is the wildcard race in football (US version or Premier league). The top few teams, well, they’re great. Everyone loves ’em. But the real action is happening at the bottom of the cut-off list. The team vying for the chance to be in the playoffs.

    I see that happening with videoblogs, for better or worse. Those that are in the, say, top 100 (arbitrary), will be successful alternatives to certain corporate productions. The vloggers around that cut-off mark will struggle to get above it. It will lead to competition, which can sometimes lead to better quality, inventive media. But it can also lead to ridiculous gimmicks and TV-style bullshit.

    And not all vloggers will care about being good, or better than someone else. They’ll vlog however they want, as they do now.

    Ah, I don’t know. I just wish Nate wouldn’t have died such a pussy death. I wanted another mountain-lion attack.

  2. adam says:

    why did that quote myself? and why did I just write a novella in your comments section instead of blogging all that shit?

  3. schlomo says:

    I can’t believe you just told me Nate died, you…you…you spoilers!!!

    (actually, I havent seen the new season, but I had my money on him dying once I learn this season was the last. But that doesn’t excuse you two.)

    But yes, I agree with you: real life will beat HBO anytime.

    Except that Real Sex show. I like that one.

  4. If I ever find the writer responsible for Nate’s demise, I’ll put him/her six feet under.

  5. ryanne says:

    fuck you schlomo
    i cant believe you said that
    clint didnt give it away in the video
    but you did???
    ok i havent watched that show since season 1 so i’m a little behind.

    anyway clint
    since when are we competing with hollywood
    it’s not about being better than them
    it’s about doing something totally different and uninvolved with them
    this isnt a race to see what comes out on top
    it’s just doing something different for a change

  6. richard says:

    I would have to say “ditto” with Ryanne … if we’re in a competition to try and out hollywood hollywood, then we’re pretty much doomed.

    The thing is that there are a bunch of weird people who would rather watch people’s home made media than TV or movies … it’s sort of like a more extreme example of the people who would rather watch some sort of obscure movie on the Independent Film channel than a much more popular action movie … granted, they are often the same weird people who make the movies themselves, and that’s unique in itself, in that it’s actually participatory – this isn’t something for the future, it’s something now … I could have been watching American Idol, but, instead I watched Clint and Melanie crying.

    … the thing is, I’m not doing it because I want to be cool (though I am, of course) and be part of the “participatory culture”, but because I really prefer it … I like it, it’s fun for me … I’m weird … but, boy can I make a long speech/post/comment …. whew …

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