Slow down A-Listers!

I know I know, don’t mention the A-List. I don’t care how you define it, but at least with my A-List, which includes such people as (not linking to them since most of them are on my sidebar over there and I don’t feel like typing out a dozen links) Jeff Jarvis, David Weinberger, Om Malik, Robert Scoble, Steve Rubel, etc, I wish they’d write less. Blasphemy! It really doesn’t have anything to do with the content, it more has to do with the fact that I’d like to keep up with these people but the volume is just too great, especially if you’re busy for a week or two. I need to learn to skim better.


2 Comments on “Slow down A-Listers!”

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  2. A Request for Your Feedback

    Over the last several months I have met lots of people who have told me “your blog would be perfect if….? Usually what these folks want is more long-form blog posts with my observations and opinions. Others of you I

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