I’m in Miami and searching for DAT72 (DDS-5) tapes. When Wayne bought this tape drive he picked up the wrong kind of tapes. So far, I’ve been unsuccessful in finding anyone who carries DAT72/DDS-5 tapes, but TigerDirect does have an outlet store down here. I’m doubtful they even carry the things, but I’ve now went through two phone calls of 20 minutes where they ended up hanging up on me and now I’m on my third call that I’ve been on hold for 30 minutes.

I don’t care how big of a retail outlet they are, there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of performance. Rick Segal writes about this kind of stuff all the time, and I thoroughly enjoy his insights. I’ve got a few of my own, and I’m going to start posting them here more regularly. If you’re a company that’s the size of TigerDirect (who does a booming catalog business), there’s no excuse to have outlet stores that are poor performers that will tarnish your brand. Their $7/hr an hour retail employees which obviously couldn’t care less about their jobs have ruined the TigerDirect brand for me, and I’m very unlikely to order from their catalog now. All the controls they’ve setup to make sure their catalog phone centers are for not if the retail stores can’t handle their phones properly.


One Comment on “TigerDirect”

  1. scott says:

    I think the problems you experienced with Tiger Direct run a lot deeper than their outlets. I bought a computer from their catalog a couple of years ago, and received one with less RAM and a slower chip than what I had ordered. It took 2 months and over 20 phone calls to try to get a return authorization number and exchange…

    I finally just called Visa and had them reverse the charges.

    They were rude, uncooperative, and unethical every step of the way.

    So I’m not at all surprised about your experience at all.

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