How do people live here? It’s oppressively hot in the summer. The whole area outside Miami is all sprawl. Nothing much taller than a story. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent so long driving when I wasn’t stuck in traffic.


One Comment on “Miami”

  1. Give me trees and mountains and urban canyons… I know what you mean. Seattle’s a far cry from miami. They’re opposites in more ways than one.

    BTW, Denver is a cool city, it’s not got a huge tech sector though, not that I know of. I almost moved out there, spent a lot of time. I liked it, but for the lack of tech. This was just before the .com bust though so things may have changed.

    You can still find a loft downtown, still untapped realestate near city center.. A lot of people commute from Boulder, I hear that’s great, but never been there… The best features have to be interstate 70 for getting the hell out of town year round, and the centrally located international airport for travel… that is if they have the kinks worked out… I don’t know why they put it 25 miles from downtown, lunacy in the winter. It’s created all sorts of problems.

    Anyway, if you ski or snowboard it’s the bomb. I’ll come out and visit… a-basin, breck, and Keystone are my favorites. Take up fly fishing and othe outdoor sports. From what I’ve heard it’s ranked as one of the healthiest cities to live in, right up there with portland and seatle.

    Just say no to the strip malls, and cookie cutter homes.


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