Convulted Connection

For some reason this box is spawning way too many httpd and mysql processes. I haven’t had time to figure out why (it should be a simple fix). Since I’m in Miami at our switch facility and the offices of our joint venture, my connectivity is very strange. When I realized my site was offline, I needed to SSH into this box and restart httpd and mysql, but I didn’t have SSH on the machine I was coming from. However, I no longer have any boxes on the Internet that have telnet enabled. I do have one in Puerto Rico that does though, but getting there is a challenge. We have a VPN connection from the joint venture into our VoIP bearer network, which has machines that sit on our carrier side management network. I used this link to telnet to a machine that was connected to the management network, which then allowed me to telnet to the domestic HTTP proxy server, issued a CONNECT : statement, telnetted into the machine in Puerto Rico, which then allowed me to ssh out to the Internet to fix the problem. Sad thing is, this isn’t even the most convulted connection I’ve had to engineer because of weird firewall setups we’ve got here.


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